Chapter Five

Paper hearts covered nearly every inch of Bryan's locker. Several people had ran up to him to hug him. The majority of the good Samaritans were strangers to Bryan. Nonetheless, he accepted their kindness.

“Aren't you famous?” Allen leaned against the locker next to Bryan. They dissolved into a hug. Allen seemed tense, cautious even.

Bryan looked up at him. “Something wrong?” His fingers touched the white bandage on his nose.

Allen shook his head. “I'm just so glad you're okay. Sorry I didn't stop by at the hospital. The guy there said only family was allowed.”

“Yeah, my parent's idea.” sighed Bryan, letting his fingers drop. He moved closer, expecting a kiss. Allen took a step back. “W-what's-”

“I'm scared.” Allen became barely audible. “You know what happened yesterday.”

“And look at all the support I got!” Bryan snapped. “I thought you were so goddamn proud? Make up your mind!”

Allen looked around hectically. “Shhh...”

“No.” Bryan choked out. “I can't pretend much longer. Eventually, I'll tell my parents. The entire school knows. It's too late to go back into the closet.”

Allen smirked. “You got ballsy.” A small kiss. “Sorry. I care about you. I worry about you getting hurt.”

Another kiss. “We'll make it through. Together.”

“I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

They stood there smiling at one another. Their feelings were admitted in person. Both felt like it was so surreal.

The late bell rang over ten minutes ago. Kristy ran to her first class. Morning sickness had delayed her arrival to school. She considered staying home but then she recalled who she'd see after school. Bryan made her weak in the knees.

The teacher glared at Kristy as she entered. She looked away, embarrassed. Unfortunately, her gaze fell on Robert. Robert looked up from his worksheet at her. He looked back down without saying a word. Kristy felt sick. As she walked by to her seat she whispered. “I'm doing a hell lot better without you, dick.” Robert's eyes widened, speechless. Kristy smiled knowing that this was the start of his defeat.

Kristy could definitely make it through the rest of the day.

Allen took a gulp on the two round blue pills washed down with soda. Allen hadn't taken the Diazepam in weeks. It could have also contributed to his lack of sleep last night. Insomnia was only one of the withdrawal symptoms. Allen sighed. The nasty side effects didn't come anymore. All that came now was the rush. This was his placebo. He felt no physical pain to have to take them. All he wanted was something to be there to help him get by.

I'm sorry, Bryan. You're not enough. Allen thought.

The end of the day came at last. Bryan and Allen were still flushed from their make-out session at lunch. However, Bryan couldn't help but feel something was going on with Allen. He didn't know exactly what. But he worried like crazy.

“I gotta go home. Mom wants me to clean.” Allen murmured.

With a nod Bryan said, “Okay.” With a short hug and a quick “I love you” they went their separate ways for the rest of the day.

Bryan went to his locker quickly to then meet up with Kristy. He thought she was awfully nice, pretty, too. Not his type, though.

Kristy waited at the library. She looked around for Bryan. Evidently, she saw him wake into the doors. He was looking as hot as ever. He greeted her with a smile which she returned.

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