Chapter 19

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"Delancy," The hairs on my skin rose when he said my name. I paled and stared at him dumbfounded but he beamed at me. "I'm not judging you or anything, we all do things for the stuff we want. I'm sure you and I aren't that much different from each other."

He pulled my hand and brought me even closer to him, his strong, expensive cologne almost chocking me.

"How do you know?" I muttered, still heavily shocked and confused.

Didn't Kerrick say no one else besides us and our fathers knew?

Stephen stared contemplatively at me, as if he wasn't understanding what I was asking.

"I'm very close to Mr. Matthau." He simply said.


"Yes, very close. I'm one of his most trusted employees and he even treats me like his son."

"His son? Kerrick is his son! How can you stand in front of me talking ​this rubbish?"

"Calm down, I didn't mean it in an offensive way." He said laughing, obviously trying to stir up my emotions. "Though if you do ask anyone here, they would say your father-in-law favors me more than anyone else in this business, even your dull husband.

"How can Kerrick work with someone like you!?" I retorted. "You obviously have no respect for him and regardless of why I married him, it shouldn't concern you. So leave me alone!"

"Don't scowl, your pretty face looks much better with a smile."

I twisted my hand and ripped it ​away from him disgusted, before my brows furrowed together when I noticed something. He was wearing a wedding ring.

"You're married?"

He nodded.

"What my wife doesn't know, won't hurt her."

I glared at him but he didn't look appalled, disbelief settling over me that a man like him could even exist.

"What kind of person are you? You have no respect for anyone, or any idea of when you're overstepping your boundaries. People might think you're a high class man but you're ​nothing more than a pig!"

He stared at me blankly before going over to the balcony and leaning against a rail.

"You're one to be talking about respect, a woman with no dignity or class who is only here because she caught the eye of the boss's son and got married for money. You know, where I come from, the word they have for a girl like you is a -"

"Be quiet!" I snapped. "Someone like you who only knows how to use people will never know what it feels like to actually love a person and be willing to give up everything for them."


"You son of a -"

"I can't comprehend the reason you're so worked up, you and I both know that you really don't like him. Why don't you give me a chance? I can give you a lot more pleasure and attention than that dead weight Kerrick can." He licked his lips seductively and ​I was almost certain I gagged.

I spun on my heels and walked away immediately but even though I was boiling with anger, a part of me was frightened. I didn't expect to go through this when I came here but I had enough, I had to find Kerrick and let him take me home.

I went to his father's office and knocked on the door three times but silence was the only response.

"Kerrick." I muttered under my breath, never before feeling the need to see him the way I did in that moment. I wanted him to take me away from this place so we could go home and stay together.

"What do you want?" A voice finally answered. I pushed the door in quickly and entered the room but much to my dismay Kerrick wasn't there, only his father who didn't look too happy to see me.

"I thought Kerrick was here..." My voice trailed off as I looked around the room, an unfamiliar chill expanding over my body.

"He left a moment ago."

"Okay, I'll go and look for him."

A moment passed but I found myself unable to move because I was frozen under his suffocating gaze.

"Is there something else you want to know?"

"Yes, actually," I heard myself say. "Why did you tell someone about the arrangement between Kerrick and I?"

"I fail to see the point you're trying to make." He stated bluntly.

"What happened between us was private and I don't appreciate you going around and telling people about it."

"Well you have some nerve," He got up from the chair he was aimlessly leaning in and strolled over to me. "Just because you're Kerrick's wife, doesn't mean I have to tolerate your insolence."

"My insolence?" Suddenly, I started feeling cornered and small in this room, alone with him. Something about him struck fear into me and it was clear he knew that ​because it showed on his face.

"Listen here little girl," I flinched back involuntary as he took a step closer to me. "I'm not your father so don't you dare think that you can talk to me as freely as you would with your friends or my son."

I nodded to him mutely, both shocked by his authority and my submission.

"I-I didn't mean to say-"

"Shut up."

My mouth clamped shut and I backed up to the door.

"Don't you even try to talk back to me!"

Blood rushed pass my ears and drummed through my body at such an alarming rate, I thought I was going to pass out. Everything about Kerrick's father frightened me, especially the thought that he used to beat on his wife.

His expression was still and his eyes were depth less but something terrifying, and overpowering flowed from him. He was in control and I was beneath him.

"I'm not sure what you supposed when you came into my son's life but be reminded I'm nothing like him."

I nodded stiffly.

"Though I must apologize if this marriage wasn't what you expected it to be."

"I-I have no problem with Kerrick." I stuttered and he smiled knowingly, his expression reminding me of a snake's.

"Really?" He lifted a brow, visibly holding back a laugh. "Come on, you and I both know that you only married him for money. Why else would you jump to the chance of being a part of a wealthy family?"

He finally let out his laugh ​and I shrunk back but I felt a desperate need to defend myself.

"You must've been disappointed when you found out my son wasn't swimming in money," He said before I could speak. "Am I right or not?"

Tears burnt the back of my eyes but I didn't let it show, I wasn't going to let him win.

"Kerrick is more than you think he is, he's a lot more special than you know and if I was the woman you're trying to say I am, we wouldn't be together."

"Regardless," he sighed. "You're not that important to me and as for Kerrick, he and I both know why he chose you."

"Why he chose me?"

A sick feeling passed over my body because I was really afraid of what he was going to say next but a part of me ached and wanted to know.

Why did he take me for his wife?

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