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SILENCE. It was painful, eerie. You hated it. Yoongi was deadly silent as he drove you to your apartment.

It scared you how angry he looked. You've never seen him like this. Why the sudden change of heart? Surely he wasn't jealous of Chanyeol?

You weren't even dating him, why should it matter?

He was so rude to Chanyeol and you were angry at him because of it. Poor Chanyeol had to watch you worriedly as Yoongi pulled out of the diner.

You remained quiet until he stopped right outside of your apartment. You didn't live far from the diner, so you usually walked to work.

You grabbed your bag; opening the door only to be stopped by his soft voice.

"Y/N, wait..."

You turned back around, now feeling a boost of confidence as you looked at him.

"What? Are you going to try and apologize for that? We're not even dating or anything! You shouldn't be so rude to my friends." You spat annoyed; turning back to the opened car door.

Once again, he stopped you. Only this time he grabbed your hand.

At first the grip was tight but it soon loosened as his eyes met yours.

"I'm sorry...I know my behavior was uncalled for. I didn't mean any harm though. You just make me really happy, Y/N. When I saw how happy he made you I got a little jealous because, well, I like you a lot. I've been planning on asking you out soon." He shrugged; turning to look away to hide his embarrassed face.

You were at loss for words. He liked you?



"If you don't want to see me again, I'll understand. I'm sorry Y/N."

"Yoongi, wait. It's okay, it wasn't that bad...I overreacted. I'm sorry too. And I-I like you too."

He turned to you, that signature smile that made you melt appeared.

"Would you like to go out tomorrow, angel?" He asked calmly.

You thought for a moment before nodding with a wide smile.



A/N: Ooooh, Yoongi's taking you out ;) ;) ;). BTW, another Yandere!Bts x reader book has been published. It's a Yandere!Jungkook x reader. It's called 'Mine'. So check that out some time :). Vote and comment for an update.

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