29 - "Two planes?"

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After the idiots unlucky day we went back to normal. Well, as normal as we could get. I went back to work after a metric fuckton of counseling, and they went back to what they do best. Sam's still keeping me updated with his attempts of getting Dean out of his contract (so far nothing has worked and I'm about ready to sleep with Lucifer to see if he has a say in all of this) and Dean keeps me updated on their wackiest hunts. They've dealt with a suicidal teddy bear, an anti-Santa, and Sam lived through Dean dying a couple hundred ways, each way crazier than the last.

I'm just thankful that I didn't have to see Dean die like Sam did, because he's going to actually die at the end of the year and I have no fucking idea what I'm going to do with myself. Especially with Dean's death date nearing.

"Hi." I answer Dean's call.

"Hi." He says back and I smile at the sound of his voice. "What's up?"

"Getting lunch with Mic." Mic shouts a hello to him. "What's up with you, boo?"

"Don't call me that." He grumbles. "At Bobby's. Laying in our bed."

"Wish I could be there." Since I've recovered (as much as I think I can) I've been working my ass off, and I've officially paid off my student loans, which is fucking great (thanks to that rabbits foot, mainly) so I've been sending money to NYU and Columbia as well as Sam and Dean, because their backs might fall off if they continue to live in motel beds for the rest of their lives.

"Wish you could be here too."

"This weekend?" I ask, and I instantly hear him perk up.

"Yeah, I'd love that. Do you think you could come?"

"Do you know when my first appointment is this on Monday?" I ask Mic, sticking my head out of my office door.

"We're off next week. Floors are getting redone after that guy shit on the carpet." Mic says and I nod, remembering that traumatizing day.

"I'll be there." I say to Dean. "Office is closed for a few days."

"Oh good." I hear the smile in his voice. "Should I come get you or-"

"I'm a big girl, I can get a flight. I'll call you with the info later, I've got a patient in half an hour and have to read up on her. I love you."

"Love you more."

"Bye." I hang up. "Mic!" I scream and she comes in. "Do you think I should buy a car?"

"For when you're out of the city," She nods. "In the city, it's pointless. Will just be stuck in some garage or one of those lots with all the cars in them."

"Yeah." I nod. "I've got a bunch of money at the moment, I should buy a car and pay an advance on my mortgage." I nod. "Thanks for the advice."

"Anything else?"

"Can you get me a coffee and a plane ticket to Sioux Falls?" I hand her my credit card.

"Of course." She nods and I smile.

I start my research on a good, but vintage car, and find a Ford Bronco. They're such cool looking cars, and they're expensive, but I could care less. I love it. 

"Hi, I'm calling about the Ford Bronco that you have for sale." I say, and the man starts to list off information about it. "I grew up in a Scout II, so I know all about them." I smile and he makes a noise of interest. "It says here that you're located in Omaha, and I'm going to be in Sioux Falls this weekend, do you think I could come out and take a look at it?"

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