BirdFlash: Break up

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Details:Reverse Batfamily
Sorry not sorry.

Wally POV

Im pacing around the apartment that I share with Dick. Why you ask? Because he never came home yesterday and I'm really worried about him.

Where the hell is he!?

Right now I am pacing across the apartment,words are coming out as murmurs. I am scared I mean I know he can take care of himself  but I will always fear the worse when it comes to him.

I swiftly move towards the couch not being able to keep still, I start tapping my foot as it got faster and faster till it was at the point my whole leg was vibrating. My eyes gaze are focused between being on the door and the clock as I was 10:30am. Im too worries to sleep and to eat at this moment of time. I've already called His older brothers if they knew where he is, They didnt know either.


I must be hearing things as I hear the door open and it being shut. Then I see him.

I am finally greeted with Dick's presence.

"Where the hell were you!?"I shout making him flinch as I barely shout at anyone."I was so worried about you."

"Its none of your business anyway why do you care!"He yelled back annoyed that im having a go at him."I can do what I want when I want."

Why is he acting like this?"Why isnt it?"I asked a bit hurt"Also I do care"

"Why should I tell you?"Ah snapped back clearly pissed  that you could practically see steam comin out of her ears."because im your boyfriend and I have a right to care and to be concerned"I responded.

Dick took a step back. That's when that certain thought crossed my mind. He wouldn't. Would he?

"Dick be honest with me have you been with someone last night"I askes my voice wavering ever so slightly.A glint of fear was shown in his eyes.

"N-No why would i?"He said trying to find he right words."Anyway you have no right to stick your nose in my business as I stated  earlier."

That's when I was almost certain but I still had a doubt in the back of my min that he wouldnt do that."You did. Didn't you?"
I said standing taller as I was just slightly taller than him with my fists slightly clenched.

"So what if I am!?"Dick Said trying to stand taller clearly angry about his 6" frame against my 6"3 frame.

Those word hit me like a ton of bricks. That was when I snapped."Am I no good enough for you and your needs? ,Am I not rich enough?You attention hoarder you gypsy freak!"I yelled now fully consumed with anger to no control what I was saying.

"You know what I should of never told Barry about your father and in hope that at he would have killed you!"He came back at me.


He slapped me. I can't  take this anymore. Ive had enoughof this bullshit. "That's it were over!"I said as I quickly packed  my stuff and ran out of the apartment off to find my uncle with tears streaming down my face.

Dicks POV

I am so angry but how could he think he wasn't good  enough.Also how could I of said that to him.But he ha no right to stick his nose in my business right?

Okay okay.
I was hanging out with Roy and had one too many drinks ans this guy came up and I panicked and we hand an exciting night.But I recovered as I got back what thirteen hours later.

I get it was a mistake. I ran to the room an began packing my bags. So I could go to the manor because this place reminds m of Wally  too much and all of the good time we have had here.

Time skip.

I arrived at the manor to be greeted with my three. Brothers fighting whilst Cass and Steph were watching on the sidelines.
But as soon as I shut the doors they all stopped.

Thats when my knees gave in and I fell to the floor and  i startes crying again to what Happened between w
Wally and I.

"Dickie whats wrong?"Jason asked I looked at them with my eyes filled with tears.

"W-Wally he broke up with me and its all my fault."I choked out as they surrounded me.

"Tell us what happened"Tim said as we walked over to the sofa as I started to explain.

--Time skip--

"-And then he packed his bag and ran off after he said were over"I finished on the verge of crying.

Knowing that I'll never get my Speedster back and that he'll never love me again.


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