The Uchiha's love (A Sasuke/ Itachi love triangle) Chapter 4: new teammate

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(Synica Pov)

          Don’t get mad get even

          I lay in my bed, in wonder. ‘To put you on a squad.’ That is what my mom said a while back, I wander if she actually talked to the Hokage to put me on a team. I guess I will find out later on. I sit up very slowly, my back aches so bad from my dad when he fought me. My alarm clock says it is 3 in the morning. Ya, if you cant tell I am a huge night owl.

          I get out of my bed, and head to my little balcony. My room is on the second floor, which is awesome and I get a balcony that is the best part. I look out on the village; it is so beautiful at night.

I remember when I was younger, I would always go out here after I got in an argument with my dad, and sometimes I would see Sasuke training. All the girls want to be with him, back than and now. It is just crazy how girls will do about anything for a boy they hardly know.  

“Hey.” I hear a voice say. I look down at the ground… nothing. I turn around and lean my back towards the railing to look at the roof…Itachi? I guess it runs in the Uchiha family to see me while I am out on my balcony.

“Itachi? What are you doing here?” I ask. He jumps down on my balcony in front of me.   

“You know, you seem different when your not tired.” He says. It is just me and Itachi, no Kisame, or anyone. It is kinda weird; I haven’t been alone with someone for a long time.

“Well, thanks, but you still didn’t answer my question.” I say.

“I am just here to check up on you.” He looks down at the ground like he notices something in the distance. I look where his gaze is and I do see somebody, but I can’t tell who it is. In an instant, he moved, until he is inches in front of my face. I could feel my cheeks redden.  “Don’t say anything to anybody that I was here. Understand?”

“Ita-” I start to say but he puts his hand on my mouth to stop me.

“I need to go.” With that he says, jumps on the roof and leaves. Whoa! I don’t think I needed that.

“Syn.” I look down and see Sasuke. Well that explains why Itachi left.

“Oh! Sasuke! What are you doing out here?” I nervously say.        

“Well, when we were younger I would always stop by your balcony and we would talk for awhile. I thought to bring that back.” He says. He jumps up on the balcony by me. “Anyways, I wanted to tell you that I heard from Kakashi sensei that we might be getting a new team member in our squad.” He looks at me. well I guess that answered my question from earlier, my mom did talk to the Hokage to put me on a team, and how funny it is that it is on Sasuke’s team.

“Well, that is probably me. So punk how is it going?” I ask. I always call him punk, so I don’t think it even fazes him anymore. He just shrugs his shoulders. Ever since I got back from my ‘trip’ he has been distancing himself from me. Even though when we were younger we knew everything about each other. It makes me sad that he has walls up that I can’t break, but of course I will eventually. You know, in so many ways he is almost exactly like his brother, even though I don’t know Itachi that well. I wander if Itachi is watching over me right now. This is crazy, if I told Sasuke that I saw his brother, not once but twice, Sasuke would probably kill him than me for not telling him. So I am keeping it on the down low.

“Syn!” I glace at Sasuke who has a worried look on his face.

“Yeah?” I ask, snapping out of my thought.

“I said your name like three times, did you even hear me?”

“My God! I am so sorry I didn’t hear you! I’m sorry; I think I am a little tired.” I apologize.

“You know, get some sleep and I will see you tomorrow. How does that sound.” He says. I nod. He jumps off the balcony and waves good bye. Phew! I am so glad I got out of that alive. I couldn’t tell him that I was thinking about his brother, so I had to say that I am getting tired. Anyways that really isn’t a lie, because I am a little bit. So Ya I didn’t lie, I just didn’t tell him what I was thinking about… I am freaking out, I need to calm down.

I head inside and let myself fall onto the bed. Synica Rae! Just calm down, get some sleep and you will see Sasuke tomorrow. I let my eyelids fall, till I am asleep.

(Sasuke POV)

          It is around 8 in the morning and Kakashi isn’t here yet. I should have known.

          “Ugh! I am tired, and hungry! Where is Kakashi Sensei?” Naruto complains. Naruto and Sakura are here at the training grounds with me. Kakashi said that we have to meet him here for something important.

          “I have heard that fifty times today, would you shut up!” I get mad at Naruto. He just groans. Sakura sighs towards Naruto. Kakashi starts walking up to where we  are at, finally!

          “Where have you been?” Naruto eyes sensei.

          “Black cat crossed my path-”

          “You already used that excuse Sensei,” Sakura says to him. I lean up against a tree and look towards the sky. I wander what was wrong with Syn last night. I hope she is ok.

          “I did?” Kakashi rubs the back of his head. “Well, we need to get your new teammate anyways.”

          “Why won’t you tell us who it is?” Naruto complains, Sakura nods her head in agreement with him. I smirk, it is Synica. I mean she is the only ninja who doesn’t have a squad, that isn’t obvious or anything.

          “Don’t worry you guys will find out soon.” Kakashi says. I can’t help but to smirk a little bit, if those two used their heads once in awhile than they probably could figure out who is our new teammate.

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