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Hi everyone if you've seen No Way Home please refrain from commenting spoilers. I and many others have now had the movie spoiled for us because of this. And I don't want to have to keep going through and deleting comments with spoilers. The movie hasn't even been out for a week, please give it time. Thank you.

Also apparently chapter 3 was removed because of copyright issues. I'm not sure why it took 8 years for Wattpad to decide there was something wrong with that chapter in particular. I will work on writing a new chapter 3 however I have no memory what the chapter had so please be patient while I write it.


(Annabelle's POV)

I'm an accident prone, where ever I go, something always happens. My mom has a surplus of bandages and ice packs, because I seem to have a new bruise or cut everyday. Not that that's a big deal and all. Those aren't major accidents. I could give you a list of how many "accidents" I'm in everyday, but I don't want take up a lot of your time.

The real story I want to tell you about is the time I met and befriended Spider-Man. Let's just say this story starts out with me being my usual self, an accident prone. I never thought Spider-Man would come to my aid, though. I thought he'd be off stopping criminals or saving others. But no, he just happened to be a few blocks away from where I was. I think I only ever asked him once who he was and he refused to tell me. The day he told me though, was a tough day.

Peter would visit my house pretty often and I would visit his. Spider-Man would also come by to visit me and this became almost a normal thing. But then slowly day by day Peter stopped visiting me and I began to wonder if he'd ever come see me again. He left me alone, waiting for him to return, just like everyone else who had left me. Spider-Man continued to visit, though.

So now each day I sit, waiting for Spider-Man.


Not much of a prologue but at least its something. I will be posting the first chapter on March 30!

Until then!


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