2.)Sketch books and tattooed gods

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A/N: I can't really remember the exact plot that the show goes through, whilst the guys are in Belfast but I'm going to try my best to go by the show.

*Bethany's p.o.v*

I stood at my window watching the scenes below me. My eyes hovered over the SAMCRO members, taking a good look at the unfamiliar faces. You'd think, that being brought up in the 'biker life' with my uncle and all the other men around me, I'd be used of their ragged looks and 'bad boy' demeanor. Yet, something about Redwood made me feel uneasy, I just couldn't put my finger on what it was.

I suppose one of them could feel my eyes burning into the top of their heads, because he looked up and we made eye contact...

The minute he looked into my eyes my heartbeat sped up and my palms began to sweat. His face was emotionless and that scared me even more. I couldn't explain the feelings that I felt at this moment in time. His looks fascinated me; he was... dare I say beautiful? Tattoos filled his muscular body and his kutte clung to it perfectly.  When I realized our eyes were still gazing into one another's I turned away quickly. I'm pretty sure my cheeks were bright pink and I knew that i'd have to go down there at some point and face him again. But 'some point' didn't have to be right now. Fuck that.

I sat back down on my bed. I'm sure they wouldn't mind if I waited up here just a little longer. I had completely lost every ounce of confidence and self-esteem I had, I couldn't risk my clumsy ass going down there and embarrassing myself in front of everybody. That was a disaster waiting to happen!

I pulled out my leather sketchbook, I had been given on my birthday a few years back... I loved to draw; I adored it. It was kinda like an escape, you know? When the world got too much for me, I'd pull out my sketchbook and draw whatever I want, and I knew no one would ever judge me because, well no one ever saw it. I protected it with my life and come to think of it, it sounded sort of ridiculous but nevertheless, I knew what I meant.

I'd been drawing for around 25 minuets and i'd just finished shading in a section, when I felt my phone vibrating in my back pocket. I cleared my throat and answered it.

"Aye Bethie? Where you at Darlin'? All the lads are ere' and I-I uh think you should come round an' meet em all."

Aunt Mo's uneasy voice rang through the phone. I sighed, realizing I wouldn't be getting out of this any time soon.

"Oh okay then, i'll pop round say 'hi' to everyone, yeah? You's still at the flat, aren't yah?"

"Yeah lovie, we are."

"A'ight cool, i'll be there soon."

I put the phone down and slipped it back into the pocket on my jeans. I put my Timberland boots on and headed towards the door. It was only a short walk to the flat where everyone was staying, so I decided to walk very slowly. I lit a cigarette and took short puffs. I knew everyone thought I was too young to smoke but they really didn't give a shit. I mean if they did, they would've stopped me by now but oh well, I quite enjoyed it actually.

I stood at the bottom of the flats steps taking the last few drags. After I finished, I made may way up the steps: extremely nervous.

"Come on Bethany, get a grip on yourself. He's only a man, that means absolutely nothing to you."

I whispered encouraging words to myself.

I knocked a pattern on the door an waited anxiously for someone to open it.

"Bethany! Finally! come in, come in!"

Uncle Keith greeted me at the door.

I could hear loud chattering as I took slow, soft steps into the living area. As soon as I entered all previous conversations ceased and all eyes were on me. Suddenly, the ground became very interesting and that's the only thing my eyes could focus on.

"RedWood! I'd like you all to meet my niece, Bethany!"

McGee rested his hand on my shoulder in a 'comforting' way, yet it gave me no comfort what so ever. I finally, somehow, managed to find the balls to look up at look at them. Their continuous stares made me feel sick and my head began to pound and still nobody said a word. The silence became very awkward very quickly. The SAMCRO guys exchanged confused looks before a handsome blonde man stood up in front of me.

"Pleasure to meet you darlin, I'm Jax."

His accent was actually pretty nice. He kissed the back of my hand and flashed me a charming smile. I must've looked like a beetroot to him; I could feel the blood rush to my face. I simply nodded at him and gave him the best smile I could muster up. The rest of the guys spoke in chorus either greeting me with a 'Hey' or a 'Hi.' All except from that tattooed god from earlier who smirked at me and gave me a quick wink. For the millionth time today I blushed and kept my head down.

"Ah alright then girls, let's leave the lads to get settled in."

In my fit of awkwardness, I had failed to notice Maureen and Trinity stood by the kitchen counter. I barley had time to answer before Mo was pushing me back towards the door. Trinity, of course, didn't forget to give the guys a flirty wave an a giggle before she left. Me? I just nodded my head and mumbled a goodbye. So much for social skills I guess!

*Third person's p.o.v*

All the guys looked to Clay for answers, but Clay just shook his head in disbelief.

"I know what you're all thinking but I don't have a clue what the fuck just happened or who the hell she was."

All the guys were just as bewildered as one another. Why did that small Irish girl look so familiar with her big blue eyes?

But Happy didn't give a shit who she was, he'd already claimed the girl that everybody knew nothing about, even if she didn't know it yet...

Word count: 1106

Thanks so much for reading guys! I know I took ages to update and i'm sorry. I'm gonna try and update on a regular basis from now on.


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