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It only takes 5 minuets before another tour bus arrives so we know it's for the tide and new hope club.

They come out and maddy screams "Nate Ma mate". This causes us to laugh but take just opens his arms for a hug so maddy sprints off and gives Nate a hug. I get the hug on video for her. She was so happy, you could see it in her face. However the little bratty fangirls were all bitching about her.

"Hey can you stop bitching about my friend plz and thank you" I say, which causes them to scowl at me so I cross the road to see maddy.

"Hello strangers" I say as I go up to Levi and drew.

"Someone help stranger danger" Levi shouts and then laughs.

"I'm not a nasty stranger" I cross my arms and pouted, caused Levi to laugh and then pull me into a hug. As soon as he does I can feel all the fan girls bitching about me. I mean why wouldn't they bitch about me after all my friend was hugging Nate and I'm now hugging Levi.

"Wait Phoebe we need a photo of Tevi" Abby says, which is her way of asking Phoebe to take a photo of us.

"Yess we need a photo of us hugging" Levi says agreeing with Abby.

"No I look like shit and plus tevi isn't real, this is all a dream" I say, wishing it was all just a dream.

"Tevi is real" Abby says "don't you agree Levi"

"Yeah I mean who wouldn't ship us" he says looking down at me.

"Emm...Me" I say rolling my eyes.

"Oh come on tal you can't deny this, after all you's are so cute together" Phoebe says taking a photo of Levi.

"Wait air drop me it so I can see it" I say, retrieving the photo to show Levi, after all he's the one who wanted it.

"Omg we look so cute" Levi says as I show him the photo of us.

"Ha Levi I'm just another fan Hun" I say.

"A really for one then" Levi says looking me up and down.

"Can ya stop please thanks. I mean I'm meant to be complementing you" I say.

"Are you trying to start" he says, which implies what he done last time.

"Em....no" I say running away from Levi and hid behind maddy. I knew Levi could see me because he started to laugh.

"Omg I found Blake" Abby says dying not to fangirl, as new hope club walk out the door distracting me and Levi.

"Hey Abby, sorry I was such a dick in the hotel" be says to Abby before they go off on their own convo.

"Hey talya, heard you have my board" Reece says approaching me.

"Yeah it's right here" I say pointing to my feet.

"Can you skate?"he asks me.

"Yeah not well tho" I say because I knew I wasn't as good as Reece.

"Show is" he says.

"Okay" I say hoping on the board and start skating.

"Woah my girl can skate" Levi says catching a few fans attentions.

"First of all I'm not property so I can not be owned. Also I'm not yours because I'm single and free" I say coming to a stop.

"Come on lads in" davey says causing them all to go and get in the tour bus. I don't know why Levi keept saying I was his because it was a bit weird because I'm not even seeing him.



Hey guys sorry that this is a long chapter and nowt happens, but in the next few chapters it will be talking about the vamps and the concert.

Talya xx

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