We Are Afraid

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I know this isn't "traditional" poetry, but my teacher showed me this poem called We Are Afraid by Jennifer Knox and it struck a chord with me, so I wrote something attempting to be in the same ballpark. Let me know what you think please!


We Are Afraid

We are afraid of stepping on sidewalk cracks

Just in case this time it might actually break our mother’s back.

We are afraid being the first one at the buffet table at functions.

We are afraid of singing along to the radio if friends are with us.

We are afraid of being hypocrites

But we’re also afraid of what will happen to us when don’t act like we believe in something our peers do

We’re afraid of those moments before the elevator doors open and it seems like we might get stuck in that tin box for hours on end with a bunch of strangers

We’re afraid of high school students driving

We’re afraid of the bad guys in horror movies being real,

that Jumbi will come to possess us even though we never had an unborn twin or we’ll get sewn with other people into a disgusting, centipede formation because we asked the wrong stranger for help

We’re afraid of buying clothes in the wrong size because we didn’t feel like trying them on

We’re afraid of some authority figure will catch us while we’re stoned

We’re afraid of when winter gets warmer each year

We’re afraid of that monster behind the shower curtain when we go into the bathroom to brush our teeth at 11:30 at night

We’re afraid of reading poems in class

Because we know that everyone is paying attention to something only we came up with

And maybe they’ll judge us

But chances are they’re spacing out and waiting for class to end

That’s what we tell ourselves

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