Chapter 13

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"Aunt Casey?" Zara said almost in tears.

"Yea babe, listen its gonna be okay"

"I know but Im really scared." Zara said in fear.

"Well don't be... Were gonna be fine." Casey said not knowing what was gonna happen.

The car came to a dead stop. The trunked opened and William Lewis's dull eyes met Casey's piercing green ones.

"Lets go. Both of you whores" Lewis sad coldly, like it was annoying for him to take them.

He led them into a old house. Casey grabbed Zara's hand knowing she was scared as well as she.

He filed them into a dark hallway into a room was nothing but a tiny high window that Casey could barley see out of.

"Okay. So you guys probably already know me because your daddy is a nosey wannabe detective." He said rubbing Zara's back as she flinched.

"Were gonna have so much fun" he said grossly as he picked up Casey red curls.

"I have a few rules" He began "listen and no one gets hurt. You do what i tell you to do. Get it,got t, good." He said slamming his fist onto a wall.

"Ok lets play our first game. I need Miss ADA Novak for this round." He said so gross as Casey's face became even more less pale and her hand loosened from the little girl's grip.

"Ok good, so heres the rules for this game. And Zara you must follow these rules for this game even if you aren't playing right now. Ok so no shirts for this game"he gave Casey a look to take off her shirt. Casey looked over at Zara as she took off her blue lace shirt showing her black lace bra. Zara saw that if Casey did it then she had to. Zara took off her shirt but held it close to her like a safety blanket. Casey tired not to look at her, she knew she felt uncomfortable with a man in the room because she felt embarrassed and taken advantage of herself.

"O look at the pretty girls" he said mocking them." The other pretty girls just got 15 mins of time with me but you girls get alot more time with me, your very lucky. Ok no more chit chat, Casey walk your skanky ass to the bed" Lewis said leaving Casey frozen with fright.

"No"Casey said barely being to be heard.

Lewis walked over to her and pushed her face down on the bed "yes!"

He slowly took off her clothes and then his. He walked over to shivering Zara and picked her up and walked over to Casey. " aw look shes crying, she probably feels left out" he said throwing her next to Casey.

"Look as much as i would love to stay and chat"he said looking at his ringing phone. "I gotta run, so ill be back in 5 mins and both of all your clothes go in the box, Casey your lady clothes can stay on. Lewis said with a smile across his face.

Nick was leaving to get Zara at school when he was struck with the thought that Casey's office had been empty almost the whole day. He drove off to the school to get his daughter. He walked past the office to sign Zara out and then go get her. A little girl sat on a chair as he turned out of the office. "Taylor?" He asked knowing it was weird that Casey hasn't get her yet. "Uncle Nick!" The little girl exclaimed wrapping her arms around his neck. "Where's Zara?" "I dunno, can you take me to work so i can see mommy?" Taylor asked.

Nick ran out of the school with Taylor.

He ran into the precinct yelling " their gone! Zara and Casey!! Casey

Novak and Zara Amaro!" All his friends came running over knowing William Lewis struck again.

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