[25] The Skye Army

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A/N: Heya! Silver here. Sorry for not updating over the past week or so (I think) >~< I was busy drawing contest entries. Anyways, here's a double update!

The next day

I woke up, got dressed in clothes that Jin lent me, did my morning stuff and walked to school.

I entered homeroom to be stared at by half of the girls in the class. Oh gosh...

But other than that, the class had its usual busy ambience, our class wasn't really the most quiet.

"Alright class, today we have three new students. Come here and introduce yourselves," Mr. Moore told us.

Hmm... Boss must've signed us up as new students, I thought. Well, it's already pretty obvious, so why am I even telling this to myself?

"Uhh... hi. My name is Ph-- Adrien," I said.

"I'm Skye and h-- she's Cora!" Adam chirped with a goofy grin on his face.


Time skip to lunch

The gang and I walked through the cafeteria. The scent of food filled our nostrils as students noisily chatted with each other.

The Sky Army and I skipped over to the MyStreeters', as I like to call them, table.

"Hey guysss~!" Adam shrieked.

If this were a high school cliche, he'd be that embarrassing best friend, just sayin'.

"Uhh hi! I'm Garroth. Wanna sit with us?"

"Heck yea!" Shelby said, punching the air. (If that makes sense.)

Travis scooted closer to Max. "Hey babe, you look like you need some TLC, Travis Love and Care~"

And of course, Max punched him, like any sensible tsundere would.

"Ow," Travis squeaked.

I smiled widely. It was hilarious to watch. "So, what are your names?"

"Oh, I'm Garroth, Flirty McFlirtpants over there is Travis, Flirtpants 2.0 is Laurance, that's Katelyn, her younger bro Kacey, Ein, Teony, Emmalyn, Cadenza-- Laurance's older sis, Kim, Kawaii~chan, Nicole, Lucinda, Teony, Dante, Vylad- Garroth's lil bro, Aaron and Kai." Garroth introduced. Man... I hate Kai SO MUCH right now but I can't show it. "We also have a few other friends but they appear to be absent."

"Oh, really?" I played it dumb.

"Yeah. I think they got sick or something," Dante theorized. Nope.

"Aaanyways," Jin started. "I'm Jinna, these are Adrien, Shane, Skye, Joanna, Maria, Rose and Cora."

"Hey guys~" I hear a flirty high-pitched voice behind us.

It just happened to be Ivy and her squad. Of course.

"Who's this young man here~?" She asked, placing her hands on my shoulders.

"Uhh... hi?" I muttered, keeping my cool.

"Hey, pretty boy~ nya~" Michi cooed to Shelby. I could tell she was mentally vomiting.

Katelyn looked like she was about to puke. "Ugh, go take your flirty butts somewhere else, Ivy. We don't need you here."

"Tch, fine. Shane, Adrien, would you like to sit with us over at the populars table?"

"N--" I cut Shelby off.

"Sure!" I chirped, "But Shane and I need to go to the boys' room first."

"Okay, boys~! I'll be at the table!"

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