Alaska: Chapter 7

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"Anya! Is this everything!?" I yelled out to her holding two fairly large suitcases in my hands.

"Yeah, and my carryon!" She yelled appearing from her bedroom. She was dressed in a pair of bootleg jeans and a white oodie and white Tommys

"You reads to go?" I asked her when she reached me

"Yes, let's go" she exclaimed excitement filled her face

We headed down to the town car I hired to take us to the airport. We helped the driver load Anya's bags into the trunk before sliding into the back seat. Within 30 minutes we reached the airport and two long hours of checking in our luggage and going through customs, we finally boarded our plane to our first destination.


Anya insisted we fly in coach for short flights, so here we are, day 1

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Anya insisted we fly in coach for short flights, so here we are, day 1.

"I'm so excited!" She squealed once the plane took off and the 'buckle your seatbelts' sign was turned off.

"Yeah, I can hear that" I announced, sarcastically rubbing my ear closest to her with my fingers.

She laughed as I pulled my hand held video camera, turned it on and pointed it at Anya.

"Oh god. Really Demitri?" She complained smacking her hand on her head as she leaned back in her seat over dramatically.

I chuckled at her expression "Yes, sunshine really. I want to commemorate our time together" I turned the camera around holding it in one hand while leaning into her trying to get us both in frame "smile sunshine, show me that beautiful smile I long for" and I do. I long to see her smile each day.

She smiled brightly as she leaned into me resting her head on my shoulder and hooking her arm into mine that was resting on the arm rest. For a while we made jokes and played around with the camera, once we stopped laughing she came to rest on my shoulder her arm hooked with mine and her fingers running playfully down my forearm. I enjoyed every moment and every soft stroke her fingers made on my skin.


We landed in Skagway and started the long grueling process of getting our luggage from pick up. Luckily this was a smaller and a lot less running around. We stepped out of the building and even though it was summer, I saw Anya shiver as the cool air hit her body.

"Lets find a place to stay" I said securing my backpack on my back and picking up my suitcase and one of Anya's leaving her to carry her backpack and one of her suitcases. We walked to a nearby information bureau to find a hotel to check in to.

The place was packed with tourists

"How can I help you" said the middle aged woman from behind the desk once we reached the front of the line.

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