Puzzled Dark Blue Eyes

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Like Chaz had said before, we freshened up for the beach. I had taken a quick shower and like a lot of other days, I slung my long brown hair back into a verymessy bun.

When they called me on the phone, they did tell me to bring a swimsuit. At the time I was awfully confused but it was now clear to me as to why they did ask me to bring one. 

I used to be very self conscious about my body, and at times, I still am. I run on the treadmill twenty minutes a day and I eat healthy, but when I stand in front of a mirror I can't help but squeeze the fat on my thighs and stomach, even if there wasn't as much fat to tug on than I thought.

I had taken a few quick looks at Justin after the confrontation that happened early, but in my defense, he had snuck up on me without warning, so that was a reason to be tongue tied, right

Whatever makes you sleep at night, my mind snapped at me.

I shook my head and fished out the coral colored bikini that I had packed, grabbing some faded shorts and a loose tank top with a weird design on it afterwards to protect my body from any perverted men that scoped around the beach. I scurried to the living room, snapping my gaze back and forth. Yes! I chanted in my head, nobody was here and the bathroom was free, it was just a few foot walking distance away. 

Now, when you befriend Ryan or Chaz, you learn to fight for the bathroom like it's your life. I laughed at myself and took a step forward, stopping when I saw the same pair of swim trunks step into my vision.

“Oh, were you gonna use the bathroom?” he questioned in the same, upbeat tone as he did earlier near the window.

I sighed, getting the courage to actually look him in the eyes. They were a dark burnished color, very deep and mysterious. I saw him smile while he extended his hand. I looked at it clueless, looking at his outstretched hand back to his well portioned face.

“Hi, I'm Justin, you're Parvati, right?”

Of course I knew his name, and by the cocky smile that radiated from his lips told me that he knew I did, too. I ripped my eyes away from his and I didn't extend my hand. I was not going to give this boy my effort and I hated his pestering. I hated him in general.

How can you hate somebody you barely know? My mind shouted, but I ignored it with all my might.

“Yes, I was going to use the bathroom,” I said blankly, looking around awkwardly, “and yeah, uh, Parvati.”

I walked past him and into the bathroom, closing the door before rubbing my temples aggressively. I changed fast, and I was relieved when I saw Justin had gone into his bedroom once again. 


I watched as the hotel room door swung open. Ryan and Chaz automatically started high-fiving each other at the size and furniture of our room. I laughed, my eyes lingering across the room too a girl about eighteen, she looked lost, like she was in another world. 

She completely ignored my existence and I watched her small frame slowly make it's way towards the balcony. She was mesmerized by the view, as I was when I first saw it. 

This girl had long hair that nested on top of her head in a wave of brown. She had big blue, dark eyes and had clear skin and I could see faint moles that speckled her face, mostly near her cheek area. She was gorgeous and stunning, to say the least.

I shook my head lightly, gathering my hair up on the left side neatly. I confidentially walked over to her, but even then she did not acknowledge me, that was until I spoke.

“Beautiful, isn't it?”

Her eyes didn't meet mine once and I could see her body tensing up. Oh, how I wish I could sooth her with a massage, but I knew from the way she moved and looked around me that she was not at all comfortable around me, or any guy at that. 

I watched her mouth open, but only a low squeal of some sort escaped her lips. It was oddly cute, and I had to chuckle as a response. She merely smiled back, and I quickly grazed my arm off her's while walking over to Ryan who was now jumping around.

Later, I discovered her name was Parvati Hope Jones, a girl that also went to Stratford Secondary School. I felt a pang of guilt when I realized I never noticed her once, and I was hoping I didn't give off the impression that I was a snobby, popular kid.

As I walked around the corner and saw her glancing around the living room, I had found my chance to talk to her again. Though I didn't have to go to the bathroom, I made it seem that way by stepping in front of her and asking politely if she also needed to use it. I was never into shy girls, but when I saw her puzzled face, she intrigued me in ways I didn't understand.

My ego quickly bruised as she answered my questions dully, stepping into the bathroom to change and now leaving me to be the puzzled one.

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