Chapter 06: Those Wearing Glasses Are All Two-Faced

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I was a little nervous as I took out the keys to open the door.

This was the first time someone came over to my little lair, it feels quite strange and so unreal.

Don't tell me he had already drugged me. I usually read about these things happening in the newspaper that some people use ether to drug people. Since it makes them lose consciousness, then they are able to drag them into an alley to do "this" and "that" to them...

Yang Jian looked at me and asked: "Why are you hugging your chest?"

I shook my head and stood blocking the doorway.

He pointed to the inside of my house: "Won't you let me in?"

I slowly stepped aside as he walked step by step through the entrance. He was looking right and left and then sighed deeply: "It's a very bright world."

"And very clean, I was under the impression that I would walk in to encounter garbage and other collecting debris."

"...You really think I'm like you, ah."

Yang Jian took the initiative to take out the groceries so he could wash them and start slicing them.

Just looking at the way he was holding the knife made me tremble in fear, especially since he was humming: "Drawing one's sword to cut off the devil's head."

Seeing that he is not the right person to deal with these things, I shooed him out of the kitchen, he sat on the sofa with a grieved look while playing with the Mashimaro on the sofa

When I finished cooking, I called him to come bring the food to the table.

"So much food, I'm fortunate to have delicious food." He took off his glasses and smiled.

I looked at him and said: "What's the prescription?"

He laughed with squinted eyes, perhaps he can't see clearly: "Three hundred, actually I can see clearly without glasses, but glasses make one look smarter, haha."

I rolled my eyes at his excessive self-confidence.

I stared at him holding up the chopsticks as he stretched his hand towards the pineapple stewed with pork ribs.

He took a bite.

"How is it?" I asked as I swallowed my saliva.

His face was quite serious then he said: "Later on, can I come over to have a meal again?"


I was shocked.

He wore a smile, that didn't reach his eyes, the way he was speaking seemed a little bit lonely: "A long time ago my mom was also like this, when I was dismissed at the end of school and returned home I could smell the fragrance of food. Afterwards she said: Jian Jian come and carry the food to the table. I have always been trying to find a place with a feeling like when I was sitting at her table. I remember how my mom kept urging me to eat more, but after looking for a while there has always been something missing."

Once again he used his chopsticks to take a piece of spinach and kept eating in silence. Finally he said: "Now I have this feeling again." My nose got tingly a bit recalling when I had been driven away from home. Although my mom has a bad temper, when it comes to eating, she wouldn't let me be hungry; instead I would get beaten if I didn't eat.

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