I'm A First Class Act

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I woke up several times on the plane to be greeted by drooling Chaz and half asleep Ryan who has the tendency to talk in his sleep and blurt out irrelevant things to me.

I would glance at my watch every few minutes, when I finally gave up in trying to get time to pass, I focused back on my book, Pride and Prejudice. I've read this book several times. I was always interested in the love affairs the Bennet sisters got their selves into. It fascinated me in ways, and all in all, it was a good read for a boring plane ride. 

“We're almost there,” Ryan notified us in a groggy tone, I assumed he had just woke up from his daydreams that consisted of girls, girls and more girls.

I grabbed my luggage and my tote bag, dragging it off the plane and out into the hot thick air of the Bahamas. I wasn't used to this weather and by the looks Ryan and Chaz gave off, I'm not sure they were expecting it either.

“Well, guys, why don't we go freshen up, Justin will probably be in the room all ready to hit the pool!” Chaz asked, for once sounding typical and not retarded. I could get used to this.

We walked to the Atlantis Resort and made our way up to our designated room. Unfortunately, Ryan and Chaz also left out another small detail. We would all be sharing the same room, that meant Chaz, Ryan, me and Justin would all be jammed pack in one hotel room. 

Most girls would die to be in my position, to be able to sleep with three cute guys, one of those hot guys being the most popular celebrity, who was voted the hottest teen star in the world. Well, did I mention I was horrible with guys? Thanks to Ryan and Chaz I probably wouldn't have gotten my first kiss back in grade ten to a guy on the chess team, and even that was luck.

Ryan swiped the card into the little device on the door, it turned into a light green you see on stop lights and made a beeping sound. He twisted the metallic door knob and swung open the door, revealing a gigantic room that was bigger than my apartment back in Toronto. I marveled in awe at the beautiful view from the balcony. Without even noticing my surroundings no longer, my feet directed my body to the stain glass clear window where I rested my hand. I gawked at the view, at the pool below, at the ocean that set off a blue burst to my eyes.

“Beautiful, isn't it?” a deep, manly voice said from beside me. My body automatically tensed and my feet felt like they were stuck in pavement. I couldn't even work up the courage to look him in the eyes. I hated this feeling, and I equally hated him for making me feel this way. From the corner of my eye I could see a white v-neck and a pair of swim trunks on his scultped body, but that was all I allowed myself to see in fear of staring at him. He was indeed, gorgeous.

As I opened my mouth to speak, I felt my breath catch in my throat and a weird sound erupted from my lips. Without notice, my cheeks began to burn and turn a bright red, taking over my face like wildfire. I smiled awkwardly as a response because I knew if I tried to speak again, the whole scene would just rewind. I heard him chuckle while I felt his arm graze against my arm on purpose while he stalked off.

You're an idiot, a first class act—I thought to myself, punishing myself for being so starstruck and idiotic in front of a boy who thought he was all that.

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