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 “It was awhile after you left, we were drunk and miserable one night. We stayed after the bar closed and Zack was serving us drinks. He was puzzled because he couldn’t figure out what was wrong, why we were miserable and kept shit facing ourselves with alcohol.” Garret murmured in my ear while we swayed to the music.

I tried to keep my face clear of emotions but it was hard. I was drunk and turned on beyond recognition from the way his body pressed into mine. I took in what he said and tried not to comment, a part of me was glad they suffered even a little after I left, but the other part of me was just tired of this constant battle with both myself and them.

“So like any stupid idiots who were drunk, we spilled everything. Told him all about how we were mates and what we did to you, how you left and were probably never going to come back. All of it.” He finished and I nodded against his chest, which looked like I understood but really I was just tired of caring so much.

“I know you have no reason to believe anything I have to say, especially with my track record but I am begging you to understand, we made a mistake by telling him, we were drunk and wanted to vent to someone. I know what I did was wrong, rejecting you was the biggest mistake of my life and though you have no reason to trust or believe me, I begging you for a chance, just one week to prove myself to you.” He finished, waiting for an answer his voice high with desperation laced with hope, kind like mine on that faithful night outside this exact bar.

I chewed my lower lip contemplating, on one hand, I wanted him, them, but I was also hurt and angry.

Suddenly without thinking, I whisper “yes”. I didn’t know if he heard me because I whispered and it didn’t register what I said until he swept down for a squeezing hug before slating his lips over mine, effectively silencing my mind before I could take anything back.

I tasted the beer on his lips before slipping inside his mouth. He tasted like strawberries inside, warm and comforting, something I really needed right now. And how bad could it be, really to kiss the man of your dreams for a week before cutting you’re loses and walking away for once, instead of the other way around.

His hand wrapped around my waist and pulled me to him as we kissed, it seemed like forever, as our lips fused together and the world stopped around us, but it was only a few minutes of blissful content. We pulled apart, breathing hard. My face was flushed and my lips tingled. He gazed down on me, his gaze soft and happy, light shone in his eyes and my heart thumped, his finger slid across my cheek and he cupped my jaw, “I promise to make it up to you Gracie.” He whispered his voice so soft and hoarse, like he was keeping from crying or something.

But that couldn’t be true right? Garret Mathew’s wouldn’t cry over me.

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His hand wrapped around mine as we walked out of the bar, he glanced at Zack at the bar and threw him a grateful look.

Zack nodded before looking away. Garret thought I didn’t see it but I did. I knew that Zack called him the moment I found out that Zack knew. I wasn’t surprised, they were buddies after all. 

The cool night air assaulted my senses as we stepped out. Though the wind was gentle, the atmosphere was different, it was no longer hot and sweat packed bodies, the smell of sex and arousal were no longer there.

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