Plane Rides And Bright Blue Skies

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We were scheduled to leave at around four PM, and I wasn't surprised when I saw Ryan and Chaz running around, gathering their bags when it was already four and we hadn't even gotten in the car yet. 

As I slouched into Ryan's old battered up truck that I'm sure I remember from high school, I still couldn't get Chaz's remark out of my head.

I'm sure Justin's gonna love you. He likes girls like you.

I hated this side of me. The side where I dwelled on things that I'm sure meant nothing to the male species. I watched Ryan and Chaz speak about something that really didn't involve me, and when I heard the word sex escape Ryan's mouth I quickly turned my attention to the architecture outside the window.

Thinking back to high school now, I remembered Justin faintly and I remembered how quirky and upbeat he was, something that I definitely didn't inherit from anybody in my family. My family was boring, though my name gave people the reason to think we were a crazy cool family. We were book nerds and I rarely ever talk to them these days. They still live in the little ol' town of Stratford, Ontario. A place I haven't visited since I went off to Ryerson University. 

“So.. excited, Parvati?” Chaz grinned stupidly at me. 

I shrugged my shoulders effortlessly. I wasn't too keen on flying for a second time in almost two days. I rather just hangout with the guys while I could. Maybe watch some scary horror films and eat some pizza from Dimino's, but nope, Justin Bieber had insisted they come to Bahamas and they insisted not to tell me until I arrived.

“I guess,” I mumbled. 

Ryan and Chaz exchanged looks, something they were doing a lot since I got here. This was making me suspicious even though it shouldn't.

“Hey Parv?” Ryan called from the drivers seat, his hands tightly on the wheel.


He sighed, pursing his lips in the mirror so I could see, “Please don't be.. you know, mad if Justin hits on you. You've gotten hotter since we last saw you, so I won't be surprised if he tries to pull any.. stuff.”

I nodded, not really taking in what he said. He basically just notified me that the old flirtatious Justin Bieber was still the same, although I never officially met him, everybody talked about him at school.

“Yeah, so Parv, any man in your life to take care of ya?” Chaz asked in a upbeat tone.

“Nope. I am an independent woman, thank you.”

“Aw,” he cooed, “Parvati Hope Jones is an,” he did quotation marks, “independent woman.”

“Chaz Roy Somers, shut your mouth.”

He laughed, “Dang, somebody is moody.”

“Finally, a smart answer for once!” Ryan laughed at my response and I laughed along with him. The rest of the car ride was silent with the casual stupid question from Chaz, but that wasn't something out of the ordinary.

We entered the Hartsfield-Jackson airport that was located in Atlanta, and I saw from the corner of my eye quick glances from men around me. I felt Ryan grab my waist and pull me towards him, his lips whispering near my ear.

“Cock block,” he said laughing, mine harmonizing with his.

The intercom clicked on and a middle aged women's voice echoed through the airport. She called our flight and we jumped up, our smiles dully visible.

We carried our luggage to first class and I was seated in the middle of Ryan and Chaz. As if it were awful enough just to be in the same car as them, we were now breathing in each other's scent and sweat, something I did not need to smell. 

“16 hours and eight minutes till you get to see your soul mate,” Chaz joked.

I snorted, getting out a book and my reading glasses that I used ever so often.

“I haven't met the boy, soul mate is a bit drastic.” I said rolling my eyes.

“But you'd consider it, right?” he pushed nosily. 

I looked up at him, tilting my head. “Are you trying to hook me up with him or something?”

It was his turn to snort, “Only if you agree to it, Parv.”

From time to time I would glance out the window of the plane, looking at the bright blue sky turn to a navy color where stars scattered it's surface. Before I could protest, my hands became like jello with the book still in my hands and I fell into a deep sleep.

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