Fights Between Brothers

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Warning you guys now, this chapter is going to be really short.  I'm sorry for the inconvience but hopefully the next one will be longer.  

Ryland's POV

"What took you so long?"  Raine asked once I stepped inside.  She was holding Colton in her arms and bouncing up and down.  

"Talia's parents were waiting on the drive way.  We had some explaining to do," I replied quickly, full of energy and needing to do something to shake it off.  

Raine's eyes widened.  "What did you tell them?"  

I shrugged distractedly, trying to push my wolf down.  He was itching to escape the confines of my human form.  "Not sure right now.  I can't think.  All I know is that we're in the clear."  

Raine scowled, annoyed.  "What's got you all keyed up?"  

Talia . . . "Nothing."  

Raine glared at me.  "Whatever.  Look, do you think you could go do the border partrol?  I'm watching Colton right now so I can't."  

I grinned.  Running the border would be the perfect thing to shake some of this energy.  "Sure thing."  

"Weirdo," Raine muttered as I rushed past her, pulling my shirt off my head and slipping out of my jeans before running outside and slipping into my wolf form.  

I felt better already, running around like this.  In this form it almost felt as if I was closer to Talia.  LIke I could feel her running besides me.  

Damn, that girl drove me crazy.  I hadn't been expecting to form such a close bond with her so quickly.  I was expected months before she would even let me touch her again but she seemed just as drawn to me as I was to her.  

That thought made a twinge of guilt strike through me.  I'd only came back because of one reason.  Ryker had convinced me to follow my instincts.  We'd both been so sure she was the one but did I want to risk hurting her to protect everyone else?  

I knew the other pack was gaining ground.  They would be here in a couple of weeks no doubt and the only options were to make her mine or to leave.  And, if I had to do that, could I?  Could I leave her again?  

I'd been so heartbroken when I'd walked in on her crying that one night.  She'd looked terrified.  And it was because of me.  Because I left her.  I couldn't hurt her.  But if I didn't hurt her one way, I'd hurt her another.  It seemed like a lose lose situation for everyone.  

Maybe if I-

A loud yip escaped my throat when I felt someone barrel into me.  I skidded on the hard ground before a tree trunk painfully crashed into my back and stopped me.  

Shocked, I unconciously shifted and began coughing.  I could feel a broken rib poking into my lung. I looked up and wasn't surprised to find Ryker standing, naked, in front of me.  He must've been in wolf form when he'd attacked.  

What did surprise me was the other wolf behind him.  Somehow, he smelled familiar.  I couldn't quite place it but I knew his scent somewhere.  

Ryker grinned and croutched down in front of me, eyes glinting happily.  "Hello, brother."  

"Ryker," I growled, holding back a groan of pain.  My head was feeling fuzzy now.  I couldn't quite concentrate on Ryker's face.  

"What're you doing out here all by yourself, brother?  Where any loose stray could attack you?"  Ryker's grin was wide, showing off his white teeth.