Chapter 12~

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Chapter 12~                


She stood there quiet looking at the pond. She looked at the fish which were frozen in time. She looked at Jack who had frozen time just with a single gust of ice. She sat down on the edge of the pond and looked down at the ground. He sat down beside her touching her arm and making her flinch. She breathed in, and looked up at him.

                “I knew you were different.”

He nodded,

                “I knew you were too, that’s why I trust you with this.”

                “I…I just don’t know how to accept this when you don’t know anything about my…never mind.”

This caught his attention and he looked into her eyes which weren’t focused on his. She was looking at all his facial features, adding up the signs. The pale blue eyes, his hair, how cold he always was, his snow white complexion with just a dash of light blue, how could she let this happen? How could she possibly let herself fall for this boy? No wonder her father had told her to stay away, he did mean Jack not Jeremiah. He knew about Jack before she even did. Her father would never accept this and maybe…neither would she.

                “I can’t see you anymore.”


He felt an aching in his chest, one that felt like a million shards of glass were stabbing at his heart. The chill that went through his veins, he was never affected by it, but this time it hurt like a dagger had been thrust through his skin and twisted. He was broken. Why was she doing this to him? How could she possibly do this? He really thought she liked him as much as he did her.

                “Didn’t you hear me? I’m breaking up with you, Jack.”

Tears welled up in her eyes as did his. Her tears spilled out onto her cheeks into warm streams leaking down to her lips.

                “You can’t, why? Why can’t you take me as I am?”

He rested his hands on her cheeks wiping her tears away with his thumbs as his tears dripped from his chin and ran down his neck. She shook her head.

                “It’s not you, I swear.”

                “So it’s you? How could it be you? You’re perfect.”

He ran his fingers through her hair lightly as she cried harder. She looked down at her hands as he planted small sweet kisses onto her face.

                “I can’t tell you, Jack. You have to understand. I’m not as strong as you.”

He shook his head as he brought hers up with his index finger making her look into his indigo eyes which were now glassed over with hurt and pain. He gazed into her orange brown eyes and he pressed his lips onto her forehead.

                “I’ll understand, Hestia. You’re strong, I won’t judge, love. I promise.”

She shook her head and wiped her own eyes.

                “Stop crying, please.”

                “Not until you stop.”

She snorted trying to balance her breathing. Jack held her in his arms as she murmured about something only Auburn and her father knew.

                “I can’t bring myself to tell you.”

He rubbed her back as she held onto the back of his shirt crumbling it in her hands.

                “Hestia! Jack!”

Hestia and Jack both looked up to Auburn’s voice.

                “Where are you guys?”

                “Go away!” Hestia buried her face into Jack’s sleeve.


His voice got closer and soon Jack saw his face behind a few shrubs. He shook his head and lifted Hestia’s head as she started to cease her sobbing. She sniffled wiping her nose on her sleeve. Jack grabbed for her hand but she snatched it back before he could get a grip.

                “Hestia, oh my gosh, have you been crying?”

He ran over to her and kneeled down in front of her. He held her face in his palms and looked at her then at Jack with hatred.

                “What did you do, you little bastard?”

He stood clenching his fists and getting red faced.

                “Nothing, Hestia was breaking up with me.”

He wiped his tears as Auburn turned to Hestia with disbelief.

                “You broke up with him? Why in the world would you do that?”

She simply pointed to the pond and hid her face. Auburn looked over at the ice as it sparkled in the late sun light. He furrowed his eyebrows thinking it over. Nothing came to mind.

                “Why is a frozen pond make you want to break up with Jack?”

She stood bringing Auburn over by a few rose bushes she wiped her nose on her sleeve once more. She choked down a few tears as she explained what Jack had showed her. How she couldn’t possibly keep it from their father that she was involved with Jack because of the way he was and the way she was. She spoke saying that she couldn’t possibly show Jack and this was the only way she could end it…by not explaining it to him.

Auburn only nodded a few times to let her know he was still listening.

                “You need to tell Jack why. I’ll keep you two under wraps just don’t end it like this. Because of a stupid reason, that’ll hurt the both of you.”

                She nodded and walked back over to Jack after telling Auburn to go home. She sniffled one last time before asking Jack to stand. He did as told and she pressed her hands together warming them up as she did so. He watched her as she snapped her fingers sending sparks floating in the air. He smiled as small flames built on her palms and licked her finger tips. A good fire got going and she looked up at him as he watched in amazement. His lips spread into a wider smile and his cheeks heated up as the fire’s warmth built up inside of Hestia. She blushed as she brought her hands down and the flames extinguished. Jack lifted her head up and crashed his lips into hers, instantly melting against her.


Author’s Notice: The last sentence when it says, ‘Jack lifted her head and crashed his lips into hers, instantly melting against her.’ It is NOT literal; it just means he pressed his body against hers. Lol, which sounded sexual. Anyway, thank you for reading and vote! :D

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