12| flirtatious

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"SO what do you think about Jeon Jungkook?"

Jimin coughed, choking on the bite of ice cream he just took, "Ex-excuse me?"

"You heard me." Taehyung said, smirking, "I mean c'mon Jimin, we've been best friends for like a month and a half and I think it's about time that you share your love interests with me and quite frankly I think you're in love with Jeon Jungkook."

"A-are you crazy!" Jimin laughed, "I a-am not i-in love with Jung-Jungkook!"

"Fine, then you have a total crush on him."

"N-No! Oh m-my god-" Jimin rolled his eyes, taking another bite of his ice cream. He went silent for a while, paying more attention to the frozen treat in front of him.

"I'm taking the silence as a sign that you like him."

"I don't l-like him." Jimin concluded, "While I do ad-admit he is very a-attractive, he's not my t-type."

"You don't have a type."

"You d-don't know that."

"Of course I do," Taehyung smirked, "I have a feeling that under that stutter and shy act that you're a total slut."


"Does your stutter go away in bed?"

Jimin's cheeks burned a bright red, "I- What! S-Shut up, oh my g-god."

"I'm just wondering."

"Why a-are you wond-wondering?"

"Jimin, just cause I'm your best friend doesn't mean I'm blind."


"Dude," Taehyung said while getting up, pulling out another five dollars and Jimin assumed he was going to go buy some more ice cream, "You look like a sex god."

"I ha-hate you."

"It was a compliment."

"Sin-Since when are you gay?"

"Wow, not only are you in denial but you're also oblivious." Taehyung chuckled.

"I don't li-like talking to you any-anymore."

"Chill, I know you're set on Jungkook. Just know that when you get over him, I will be here and be ready to fuck you against the wall. Only without any strings attached cause I'm not good with relationships."

"Actually f-fuck off." Jimin groaned, embarrassed by how loud Taehyungwas speaking as well as the words that were coming out of the younger's mouth.

Jimin could here Taehyung's laugh as he walked to the counter. He buried his head in his hands, "I h-hate him."

Taehyung came back soon with a larger size ice cream and two spoons. He handed one to Jimin, "I know you're not done but mixing ice cream spoons is gross."

"You're such a-a fr-freak."

"Thank you- oh hi Jungkook!" Taehyung smiled, eyes directed behind Jimin's head.

Jimin turned around to find Jungkook in his in something than his usual attire of sweatpants and a white shirt; tight ripped jeans and a random band shirt that Jimin didn't even know he owned. His hair was extra messy which oddly worked on him.


round of applause for flirty/tease taehyung 👏🏼 also i have no clue what i was even doing with this chapter which is why it's so random

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