Megan’s P.O.V

                “Omg, no way!” I say as my phone drops to the floor. In front of me is Erin and Niall making out on Simon’s desk! They either ignore me or didn’t hear me so they continue to make out. I pick up my phone, “Melissa what kind of gift is this?!”

                “What you don’t like it?” She asks hurt.

                “Why would I like two of my friends making out?!” I yell.

                “Wait, what? Look behind the desk,” She says.

                “Ok…. Hey Niall and Erin break it up. If not you’ll have sex, you’ll get pregnant and then you’ll DIE!” I say tapping their shoulders. They pull apart and blush a very deep shade of red and leave mumbling ‘sorry’ on the way out. I walk around the desk and see a giant silver box with a red bow on top. I open it up and see a tiny little paper at the bottom. And another box beside it with holes in it. I first pick up the paper and see it’s a receipt for a plane ticket to L.A. for tomorrow. “Wait, Melissa you’re flying out to L.A. tomorrow? OMG YAY!”

                “Yeah I am! I’ve been planning this for a while! Now open up the box!” She says and I lean down to the bottom of the HUGE box. I pick up the cardboard box and open it up to see a little orange kitten with black and white dots on it.

                “Oh my rowling! Who is this Mellie?” I ask and pet the little cats head.

                “I found him at the pet store and I thought of you, so I bought him and mailed him over to you! But don’t worry I sent him over in an animal carrier and then I got your driver to put him in there and in there and in the box.” She says and I jump up and down at the fact that I finally have a cat. I’d always wanted one, but my dad was allergic so he wouldn’t let me.

                “Wait Melissa how did you get it in Simon’s office. This is strictly off limits!” I yell suddenly realizing this. I quickly drag the box out of office and out into our sitting area. I guess the boys are still talking to Ryan. Except for Niall I guess he snuck out or something.

                “Oh, yeah I had to get him to sneak in. Oh I need to go pack and also it’s like 10 over here,” She explains.

                “Oh duh, I always forget about the time difference! Well, then I’ll see you TOMORROW at… what time are you gonna be here?” I ask.

                “Two, I’ll see you then! Bye, love. Enjoy your cat!” She says and hangs up. I sit there for a little while just petting him. I need to think of a name of him. I’m still trying to think of one when the boys come out and walk over to me.

                “So, Megan and Ryan we give you our blessing. Ryan you seem like a nice lad and Megan we kinda a little bit trust you.” Louis says and sits next to me.

                “YAY!” We both say and hug each other. Me with only one arm.  ‘Mew!’ I hear and I pull away.

                “Oh my rowling, who’s this?” Harry asks and pets him. “Megan, look at what you’ve done to me! Now I’m making Harry Potter references!”

                “YAY! Potterheads forever! But this is a cat that Melissa got me. Oh by the way Melissa is gonna be staying with us for a little while. But what should I name him?” I ask.

                “Harry!” Harry yells as Louis yells, “Louis!”

                “How about Larry? So both of you guys are in the name and because I completely ship Larry Stylinson.”

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