“So when’s your study date?” Jake joked down the phone to Annie.

“Call it a date one more time and I’ll kill you” She laughed. “Im being forced to go over there. I’ll get as much done today so I don’t have to step foot in his house again”

“That’s a bit harsh don’t you think” Jake joked.

“Walking home today, all I could hear was him and little miss perfect giggling and snogging in front of me, last thing I want is to spend time with them” They would call Josh’s girlfriend ‘Little miss perfect’ sarcastically. She was the schools biggest slut whose face was caked in make up which was to dark to match her skin tone. Her hair was blenched blonde and her eyelashes were clumpy with too much mascara. Annie was so natural looking though. She would use him when ever she felt like and everyone could see it but him.

“Right, I’ll call you later to see if you haven’t killed yourself” Jake replied.

“Yeh, wish me luck. Bye”

She gathered a few books and put her shoes on. “Bye Mum see you later, yeh?” She shouted before leaving the house. Walking across the road to Josh’s house, a black BMW with blacked out windows pulled up besides her.

“Excuse me miss?” A muscular man with dark hair and a short beard poked his head from the window. He had dark shades on, so Annie was unable to see his eyes.

“Can I help?” She asked nervously.

“Yes. Do you know if this is the Hutcherson household?”

“Yeh it’s this one” She nodded to the house before walking up the drive way. She heard him call in the background ‘Thanks’.

Annie glanced back at him, but he wasn’t leaving the car. He was talking to someone on the phone, looking around at the surroundings. Mrs Hutcherson rushed to the door when Annie knocked on the white front door.

“Annie, it’s wonderful to see you again. Josh told us all about the project. He’s in the garden if you just give him a shout” She smiled at her, leading her to the garden. Their house was exactly the same as Annie’s with a huge garden. Josh’s on the other hand had a basket ball hoop and a concrete patch for a court. ‘Oh My Gosh! Look at the Abs on that’ Annie thought as she saw him shirtless. He’d clearly been playing for a while as he was sweating. ‘No! You hate this boy remember, Get the project done then leave’ 

“Ready then” She called to him. He just ignore her, carried on shooting hoops by himself. “Josh!”

“You know” He began. “All girls are the same. The all treat guys like a piece of meat. They use guys, that’s why they’re called bitches” He made no eye contact with her as he continued to look away. He threw the ball in anger before making his way to Annie. “Like you, you’re here to do the project. So come them lets go” The tone in his voice rose as he walked past her, into the house and up the stairs. She sat down at his desk when he slammed the door shut.

“Are you, okay?” She hesitated to ask due to his rage.

“Yeh. No it’s nothing” He opened one of the books to avoid her concerned looks. He couldn’t keep it in though. “She used me. How could she? How could I not see it too? I don’t date people like her! What was I thinking?” He generally sounded hurt and not joking about for once. “I shouldn’t have lashed out on you earlier either”

“Nah, Its okay I live with my mother, I’m use to it” She joked, making him smirk slightly.  He looked up with his deep hazel eyes and half smile which soon turned into a big grin. Annie immediately started blushing. Don’t get caught under his spell Annie she told herself.

“So uhh, anyway…” She quickly changed the topic and reopened the text book.


“Well we got most of it done” The clock read 11.00pm, none of them realised the time until Alice’s phone rang with Jake checking up on her. Obviously she didn’t answer, he looked like he was going though a tuff time without them making fun. “If you come over tomorrow at the same time I bet we could finish it.” He added, handing her some lose sheets.

“Oh yeh that’ll be gre-‘’ She started but was interrupted by a huge bang. They ran to the landing and leaned over the railing to see the door kicked down.

“Oh no” Josh whispered as three huge guys dressed in black suits stormed inside. Immediately he pulled Annie back from the railing before the men could look up.

“There from the car outside?” she asked.

“What car!” He tried not to shout.

“There was a black car. The man asked if this was your house, I panicked I didn’t know who he was” She apologised. He grabbed her wrist and pulled her back into the bedroom. She stood clueless as he fumbled under the bed, pulling out a back pack.

“We need to leave...Now!” He shouted, taking hold of her hand again. Quickly she jerked away.

“Not until I get some answers Josh, What the hell is going on!”

“Those guys are the reasons why I move house all the time. They’ll use you as a hostage if you don’t leave with me now. If they catch us, we’re dead”

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