[ch. 1] i can feel the crush from here

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hello loves!

let's get a couple things straight here.

1) this book does contain cursing (the 'f' word is not common, but be careful about others)

2) this book is also a little bit more mature than other kotlc books. you've been warned. that does not mean there's full blown smut in here, it's just a little more mature.

3) I wrote the first five-or-so chapters when I was like 11. which means, it kinda sucks. I probably should revise it and make it better but I'm kinda lazy so as of now, I'm leaving it as it is. after you get past the cringe-fest that is my first couple chapters, it'll get kinda better lol.


thank you for choosing to read this book. I love you all so much!

EDIT: hey guys, this is skye from the future. I just wanted to let y'all know that I just revised this chapter, it's longer and has more detail; overall, its better written lol its practically a whole new chapter BUT it retains the initial plot line of this chapter lmao

THANKS I LOVE YOU *future skye oUT*

alrighty, have fun! 

Sophie was excited, but nervous at the same time, if that was possible. Her crush- the hottest guy on the planet, the love of her life (unbeknownst to him)- was going to be at her house at any second now, and she was wearing the cringiest pajamas ever. If Biana were here, she'd whack Sophie with her heels after seeing what Sophie was wearing.

Sophie scrambled to get changed, grabbing a red tunic and elvin leggings. Why was she always like this when Fitz was involved?

It literally wasn't her fault- every girl to exist would have a crush on him. He had the kindest, most caring personality, and he was funny- not too funny to the point where it was like everything he said was a joke, but funny enough to make her laugh when she thought she couldn't. Not to mention his insane good looks. His dark brown hair was usually tousled, making it seem as if he had just got out of bed- someone else's bed. His hair fell across his forehead, just above his eyes.

Oh god, his eyes. Sophie could write a whole goddamned book on his eyes. They were beautiful. They were the perfect shade of teal, as if someone had mixed the blue of the ocean with the green of sea foam. His eyes, lined with dark, thick lashes, had her-

"SOPHIE! FITZ IS HERE!" Edaline yelled.


She was so busy daydreaming about Fitz that she almost forgot that she was seeing him in person.

She looked at herself in the mirror, ignoring Vertina as she fixed her ponytail. Then she ran down the stairs, seeing Fitz talking to Edali-

She tripped.

She frickin' tripped.

On the last frickin' step.

Before she could hit the ground, a pair of strong arms caught her. She looked up and met Fitz's teal eyes, the same ones she had been daydreaming about earlier. He helped her up as she awkwardly tucked a strand of loose hair behind her ear. She caught a glimpse of Edaline smiling in that weird maternal way.

"Soooo, uh, we should probably go work on that project Tiergan gave us, right?" Sophie said shakily.

Fitz laughed. "Well, that's what I'm here for, right?"

Well, I mean, you could be here to just... see me.

Sophie mentally smacked herself. Like Fitz would ever do that.

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