Chapter Nine

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Trinity's POV (two days later)

"Would you shut the fuck up!?" Renaldo groaned as I expressed my worry for Arielle. "For once, I agree with him. She's fine." Unaya said rolling her eyes. "What if something happened? I should go down to the school." I said getting off Arielle's bed. Renaldo blocked the window. "Sit down, Trintity. I know you're worried about your girlfriend but she's fine. Arielle's a big girl." Unaya said gently. I frowned but sat back down.

"She'll be home in two hours." Renaldo pointed out showing me the time. It was 12:00 noon. "That's too long." I whined childishly. Renaldo giggled. "You're acting like a lovesick teenager." He said poking me. I glared at him. Unaya looked at me hesitantly before starting to speak. "Anyway, according to some vampires up north, Miguel was in the streets of Canada. They lost track of him though. But they have a solid trail and are looking around Quebec and Montreal. For some reason, Miguel's scent fades quickly." Unaya looked at me intently.

I sighed. "Thanks." I replied quietly. I'd been asking her to keep me updated about Miguel. I was already worrying about Arielle. She'd been acting odd since Monday. She was extremely jumpy and nervous. When I asked her about it, she said it was just because of being back at school. Though I doubted that was the reason for her strange behavior, I didn't want pressure to tell me. Arielle would just have to tell me when she was ready.

Renaldo's loud shriek pulled me away from my thoughts. "What is it?" Unaya asked looking at him. "There's a spider!" Renaldo screamed. Unaya and I exchanged an unamused look before smacking Renaldo. He yelped at the sudden attack. "What the hell?!" He whined rubbing the back of his head. "You scared us." I said about to go in for round two. Renaldo moved away in time. "You being away from Arielle is making you a bitch. Oh wait, you're always a bitch." Renaldo said trying to insult me.

Unaya was on the floor cracking up. I glared at the two of them before jumping out of the window. My bare feet met the muddy ground. Damn, I'd forgotten my shoes in Arielle's room. I smoothed down my light blue dress before taking off to hunt. It had a few days since I'd hunted. With everything going on, it was the last thing on my mind. I flitted through the neighborhood, jumping over trees, houses, and even a few people. A bubbly laugh escaped from me.

I loved the feeling of flitting, and especially the feeling of jumping. It makes you feel invincible, and almost as if you could fly. I arrived at my destination, the downtown allies. Like most civilized vampires, I fed on the people who were better off not being on this Earth. Such as the man who was standing in the dark alley, pointing a gun at a young boy.

He seemed not older than four, five, or maybe at the most six. My blood boiled at the thought of him being killed. "Hey!" I yelled at the man. He jumped slightly before pointing his gun at me. Deciding to be safe, I tuned into his thoughts.

This bitch thinks she can stop me. Haha, she's dead wrong. That little bastard is going to die. He told the boss about the money..... I tuned out not wanting to hear more. This man was going to kill an innocent little boy over money. A snarl ripped from my throat.

The man stepped back. "Who the fuck are you?" He asked. His tough demeanor was gone. The man was visibly shaking. "Don't move." I growled at him. I turned my attention to the little boy.

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