Chapter Eighteen: My sister has ruined my life

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“You really are too irresistible,” he said to me.

 “Am I? I can’t stop looking at you,” I laughed. Colin laughed too before our lips touched again.


“Are you trying to make me jump you?” asked Colin who stood in the door way of my room coming back from the bathroom while I was on all fours looking under my bed.

“No of course not I’m trying to find my camera,” I said to him.

“How come?” he asked.

“Oh I don’t know I want to take a picture maybe,” I laughed.

“I know that but of who?” he asked as he came towards me.

“I want to get a picture of us done to put in my necklace,” I said to him.

“Can’t that wait till tonight? We going to be late otherwise,” smiled Colin. Colin is taking me to school today in his car. Colin was on the phone with his parents last night. Finally after what seemed like weeks they phoned him.

 They have said they regret what they said and they know it was his brother who stole the money. It also darned on them that they should have known that Colin wouldn’t steal money he had no reason to, considering they had gave him a car for his eighteenth birthday but you know what parents are like. His parents said he can come back anytime but for now he wants to stay here with me.

I’m slightly worried that people are going to suspect something is going on with me and Colin when we both arrive at school together but right now I couldn’t care. Let them think that, I want to go to school with Colin. Besides they can’t prove anything?

“I swear my camera was under here though,” I said to Colin as I got up.

“We’ll find it later,” said Colin as he took my hand and kissed me on the lips. I pulled away as I took off my top and went to change into my school uniform. Colin was already dressed in his business smart clothes.

Colin pulled me close to him and smacked his lips against mine before he touched my bare chest. “I thought you said we were going to be late,” I teased him.

“Well I think being a couple minutes late isn’t going to get us in trouble,” he smirked and I nodded to agree.

I darted down stairs about five minutes later with Colin behind me. “You missed the school bus and Izz was on it. I thought she normally goes with you Colin?” asked my mother. I looked at her trying to think what to say.

“I was running late and she didn’t want to end up late this morning. I said I would give Arrow lift since he was running late too,” said Colin to my mother.

“Oh right you better get going have a nice day both of you,” smiled my mother as we past her and headed outside. We both climbed into the car and Colin started up the engine and sped onto the road as I did my belt up.


“You’re both late!” shouted a teacher at us as we entered the building.

“Sorry,” we both said as we sped into the corridor and towards form. We would have to avoid our lockers. We both smiled at each other and shared a quick kiss as no one was around before I rushed into my form as he continued down the corridor.

“Sorry I’m late,” I said as I entered the classroom and took my sit next to Caz since Paul was sitting next to Lilly.

“You alright?” asked Caz.

“I’ve never been better,” I grinned at her.

“Were you and Colin getting up to something,” laughed Caz.

“Maybe but don’t shout it out,” I said to her.

“I didn’t,” she laughed.


When we headed out of form into the corridor I saw a crowd of people and I noticed my sister standing in the middle. What is she doing? I rushed forward to spot Colin standing nearby. He came over to me.

“Do you know what she is doing?” I asked him and he shook his head.

“Oh look here they are. Why don’t you and Colin step into the lime light little bro,” she said harshly. I looked at Colin weirdly before we headed into the middle were my sister stood.

“What is going on?” I managed to ask her.

“I’m just about to show everyone something and I think you too maybe interested,” smirked my sister holding my camera in her hand.

“Why do you have my camera?” I asked her.

“I took some photos,” she laughed as she got one of her so called friends to hand out loads of paper. I grabbed one and looked at it to find it was a picture of me and Colin kissing.

“You took a picture of me and Colin?” I asked shocked.

“Don’t act all surprised little bro. If you’re brave enough to kiss you’re sister’s boyfriend you should be brave enough to come out your gay!” she shouted loudly.

“Izz now that is out of order,” said Colin.

“Hey everyone just so you know my friend is handing you pictures of my X boyfriend Colin and my asshole brother Arrow kissing. Yes that is right guys Colin and my brother Arrow are Gay!” she shouted into the corridor.

Everyone began to stare at me and Colin in complete disgust. My best friend Paul and Lilly looked at me in disgust apart from Caz who looked very upset and Jerrod looking at us both. He even looked pissed off with us, maybe giving gay a bad name? Maybe because we never told him I had no idea.

I know one thing though. My sister has ruined my life.

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