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SERA PARKINSON wasn't expecting the boy in the park to call her within the same day. She was sitting at the pull out table in her cheap motel room, doodling on the back of a fast food menu. R.E.M played from the radio in the kitchen, and the blonde woman sang along softly, her foot tapping along to the beat.

She was winding down after the long day she had experienced. She had set off in the morning in search for a bike rental place, but it had been shut down the day before due to a robbery of the shop's cashier. This meant she had to walk, as she didn't have enough cash for a taxi. Then, she fell into a wet mud puddle after being bumped into as she was walking into Central Park. This meant she had to walk all the way home and get changed. She wished she could've been a little less annoyed about it, but that was just the type of person she was.

Part of her was glad she was going home soon, she was running low on money and all she had been eating that week was a range of takeaways. She was only meant to be in the city for a few weeks, but ended up staying for over two months.

She couldn't help it, she absolutely loved New York. There was something about it -- it was full of such a variety of people who accepted and loved, as well as fought and seethed. She had seen the rich on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, as well as the middle and lower class across the board. She had seen the beautiful talents of the diverse citizens and the assortment of personalities that every person held.

It was genuinely the highlight of her day when she was having an argument with Kal, the security guard she had become acquainted with. She pitied the guy. Ever since she saw his wife storm into the park and scream at him for things she didn't really care about, she had taken the time to speak to him everyday and let him release his pent up anger on her. Though it was unspoken and though they argued like there was no tomorrow, there was a hidden respect they both had for each other.

Kal was also the reason that Sera didn't believe in relationships. She, personally, had never had a serious one. She definitely didn't want to marry, since the marriage between her biological parents didn't really work out either. Her mother had remarried when Sera was four, and had another daughter named Angela, who was an absolute doll and was now a year off graduating high school. Though she didn't see them much, she referred to both adults as her parents, not bothering with 'step-dad' or anything like that. She barely knew her biological father anyway, she only sent and received birthday cards once a year with a few bills generously slipped into the envelope.

From what she knew, her father had been living on a small farm in Australia with a whole bunch of animals for years now. She got the odd photograph, which she appreciated, as she knew he was happy.

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