Multiship #1

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He is morning's beauty. His golden hair reflecting the sun as it rises into the sky to mark a new day come. He dances through the meadow, rays of light shining around him. He is celebrated and adored. The people call him Bryce, The Bringer of Light. He doesn't believe that he deserves this title though, for his boyfriend brings light too. His is just duller, yet the people cower from him.

He is dusk's child, born to bring end to the day. The sun sets at his word and the world fades to the quiet hush of night. The moonlight reflects off his pale skin as the soft glow of darkness shines around him. He is feared by the people, his title is Ohm, The Bringer of Darkness. There is no reason to be scared of him though.

One might believe that the Bryce and Ohm hate each other, that they fight over night and day. The case is quite the opposite actually. As night grows weary and the light returns, Bryce meets Ohm in the meadow to raise the sun. They stand there together watching as the people awaken to live their lives. As the light dwindles they meet there again to gaze at the stars as they light up the sky. The blonde hums a small tune as they dance in the light that radiates from their bodies. For they are the beauty and chaos of day and night, they both bring light and darkness to the world that will never truly know them.

He is the blooming forest of spring as winter comes to a close. He brings the new life that will live until it meets fall. The animals awaken to his call and the birds come soaring back as he whistles for them. He steps on the ice that has frozen the river and the rushing water returns. The seedlings start to grow and trees bring their leaves back. He is known as Brock, The Bringer of Life. Festivals are thrown as he wanders through deep forests bringing color back to the Earth after months of dreariness and cold.

He is the leaves as they float to the ground in fall. The grass turns brown as a sweep of cold follows in his wake. Every tree that he passes slowly turns shades of red, yellow, orange, and brown as they die and their leaves fall to the ground. People see him and they prepare themselves for the cold and storms that follow in his path. The birds fly away and the flowers shrivel and die. He is known as Brian, The Bringer of Death. Despite his given name he is not very dangerous and is far more childish than anyone would ever care to know.

Anyone not including Brock, he knows Brian incredibly well and as one might assume when they first met they didn't get along. Brock was furious to see someone killing all the plants he had put effort into growing and putting the animals he had woken up to sleep. Brian seemed to have given up at first and let Brock do as he wished. Soon though, Brock grew tired. It takes a lot of energy to keep everything alive and well, and soon Brian returned to take control and let Brock rest after all his work. After some time Brian grew tired too and Brock was unable to start still. They met others who also help them and take over between Brock and Brian. Now they continue on the cycle to keep anyone from overworking themselves.

He is the green valleys in summer, he is the joy of the children as they are finally out of school for some months. He is the heat waves you can see dancing over the ground on particularly hot days. His breath warms the air as he walks through the streets of every town and city, humidity and low rain follow his path. People run around in shorts and t-shirts to keep from overheating due to the intensity of the sun. They call him Craig, The Courier of Heat.

He is the snow falling to the ground in winter. The harsh storms come at his calls and the water freezes at his will. He is the dead trees as all their leaves died to the hands of Brian. The world turns colorless as pure white snow covers everything. The people hurry into their homes where they can be warm and the children play and celebrate the holidays that come in this time of year. They call him Tyler, The Courier of the Cold.

Together with Brock and Brian they create the seasons and work to keep peace and balance in the weather. Tyler and Craig never fought over time because they were simply created to assist Brock and Brian as they were still tired from their work. Despite this Tyler and Craig are still very close. As fall ends Craig walks beside Tyer as the land freezes over. When summertime comes Tyler is right next to Craig as the sun grows more intense at his call.

He is the blue sky on a sunny day. He watches over the land and brings clouds of rain and snow to the Earth. He is known as Evan, The Defender of Earth. The people believe that he protects the Earth from everything surrounding it. He stops meteors, radiation, and the deathly cold from getting to the humans and the land. A few days a year they have celebrations for him despite not needing to.

He is the waves crashing on the shore. Many fear him for his unpredictable emotions. Some days he is calm and the waters are safe, but other days the waves are dangerous and large. The water is so dangerous that it can pull anyone who steps in father into the abyss. His name is Jonathan, The Destroyer of Lands. Even though his good nature shows most commonly, his title was given to him by people who feared his wrath during a time of only chaos.

As clouds cannot form without water Evan cannot help the people without Jonathan. Evan takes water from the ocean to give the people the rain and snow that they need. Some of the time when the people need chaos to set them straight, Evan and Jonathan together conjure a storm that will wreak havoc on the lands they usually take care of. Their relationship is strong and they fit together perfectly. They together are both calm and chaos.

All of these boys and many more team up to watch over the world we live in today. They are invisible to everyone's eyes but theirs. This makes it so they get lonely if they do not get along. It is as if they were created so that they all had to get along. Of course maybe they all didn't at the beginning, but they do now and so everything is at peace. At least it is as peaceful as it can be.

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