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Theres no love without pain Characters

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Sofie: Soft brown hair with natural blond streaks in it, long wavy hair, sea blue eyes, sun-kissed skin, with a birthmark of a heart on her left shoulder, 17 years old, outgoing, and rude at times, 5 foot 7, Very beautiful, athletic, with a dark past, half wolf/ lion, has a sort of English accent, like able, funny, fearless, has Alpha blood in her, skillful at fighting, very witty, protective of Lilli.

Stefan: Sort of bad boy, quarterback of the Shadow Wolves, short blond hair, with greenish blue eyes and has a 8 pack, head alpha on the Killers and 18, and tanned, sweet at times, competitive, half wolf half cheetah, 6 foot 1, hot, muscular, secretly loves painting, sculpting and drawing, Sofies Stefan's soul mate, has a even darker secret, very protective over Sofie, afraid of frogs, loves Chinese food.

Lilli: Sofies adopted new sister, blond wavy hair, 5 years old and sort of spoiled, and a human has blue eyes, jumpy, hipper kid, loves the color pink and adores Sofie, kind hearted, and gentle.

Aaron: Goth kid, black as night hair, blue eyes, rude to others, cares for only those who are close to him, loves poetry, loner and is a Jaguar, Sofies best friend, has a secret crush on Sofie, and belongs to no pack, 5 foot 9, hates the color pink, is a vegetarian, hates liars.

Mr. Chase: Sofies adopted dad, a drunk, loves no one, abusive father, has Blond hair and mud colored eyes, and hates Sofie and Lilli.

Mrs. Kendra: Sofies adopted mom, Has Blond hair, blue eyes, doesn't hate the kids, scared of her husband, kind at times, tries not to show her emotions, loves the outdoors.

Christina: Schools "it girl" thinks she’s Stefan's soul mate, blond straight hair part of Stefan's pack, loves the color pink, has hazel eyes, has a couple of freckles, annoying, clumsy, arrogant, sneaky, good fighter in wolf form, jealous of Sofie.

Matt: Womanizer of the school, has blond hair, human, 8 pack, and is wrestling captain, gold eyes, used to be a nerd, hates football, never has just one girlfriend, he is a player, he loves video games, has glasses that he never wears which makes him clumsy.

Peter: Vampire, black eyes and brown shaggy hair, strong, has a 6 pack, plays football as a backup wide receiver, kind, cute, loving, like’s meat, hates Stefan, energetic, always happy.

Colen: Vampire, kidnapper, murderer, grey eyes and red hair, age 22, hates Stefan’s pack; no one knows why he hates Stefan.

Snow: Has white hair, and blue eyes befriends Sofie, quiet, shy ,and a little weird, but to people that know her think she’s funny, outgoing, and amazing mated to George, kind-hearted, plucky, adventurous, trust worthy.

George: brown hair, silver eyes, nicknamed silver, mated to Snow, crazy, funny, outgoing, wide receiver on Stefan’s football team, Stefan’s Beta, know Stefan since they were 5, knows all Stefan’s secrets except for his most dangerous one, hates the color green, is a prankster, love-able, caring.

Louis: Human but can heal faster than a normal human, black hair with red highlight in his hair, Hazel eyes, softie to people close, sort of bad boy, kid that stabbed Sofie, Head of the Basketball team, 6 pack, tan, funny, and a sweet kid once you get to know him, loves to play with knives, never tells a lie, tries to act tough even in a funny situation, hates awkward moments.


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