Chapter 35 || Mission: Literally Impossible.

"Where are we driving ?", I looked questioning at Jessica while we passed one tree after another.

"You'll see.", was everything she said to me in response.

I was peacefully sitting on my bed, watching movies until I suddenly received a phone call from Jessica that she was waiting in front of my house and now I find myself sitting in her car, being abducted to an unknown place.

We left our neighbourhood and were driving through a part of town which was on the opposite of the area where I live.

The houses looked pretty much as average as it can be, a typical American suburb, but beautiful nonetheless.

Jessica stopped in front of a white house with a yellow rood and a blue veranda. Sounds pretty weird but it really does look amazing in reality. Pretty classy, yet extraordinary.

"Come on.", Jessica ordered, tilting her head to the right and signalling me to get out of the car.

Stumbling across the uneven yard, we reached the door and rang the bell.

My mind is constantly torn between "I want to kick Marissa's ass" and "I will spend the rest of my life in jail". This must be a dream because I feel like I'm stuck in a really bad version of Mission: Impossible. Seriously, I try my best to stay optimistic but regarding to what Jessica has planned this is really difficult to put in practice. We try to break in probably one of the best protected mansions in the whole country. Please let us just get out of this alive.

After a while, a woman in her forties opened the door. Her caramel hair was put into a high ponytail, completely exposing her beautiful hazel eyes. She must have expected us because her mouth formed a smile as soon as she caught sight of us.

"Hello, Jessica.", she greeted us friendly. "Come in. Alex is in his room."

"Thank you, Mrs. Valente. This is Sofía, a friend of mine.", Jessica pointed at me, causing Mrs. Valente so smile at me.

Without another word, Jessica dragged me down the stairs to, which I assume, was the cellar. It was pitch black before Jessica magically happened to find the light switch and the room went dazzling lit. We found ourselves standing in front wooden door which Jessica entered straightaway, without even knocking.

I'm not kidding when I say that this pretty much looks like the headquarters of the CIA. Computers and other electronic stuff I didn't even know existed where placed all over the room, functioning as the only source of light in this room due to the closed shutters. I think I know might have a clue why we are here...

"Jessica Weathers. It's been a while."

A sudden voice appeared from a black armchair at the other end of the room which I hadn't noticed until now.

"Stop being so dramatic, Alex. You know that you try be as cool as the guys in the movies but this is really getting old.", Jessica rolled her eyes.

All of a sudden the shutters opened and daylight flooded the room. "This is really getting old.", he mimicked her and swung around with his armchair. "Why do you always have to spoil the party?"

I must say that he is really hot for someone who is supposed to be a computer freak. I know that is really cliché-thinking but I honestly did not expect this. He had toffee brown eyes and hair of the same colour. This might sound pretty plain in theory but, believe me, the reality is just more than drool-worthy.

"Alex this is Sofía. Sofía this is Alex, probably the nerdiest computer nerd you'll ever meet.", my mouth dropped slightly open at her introduction because I was still completely baffled by his outer appearance.

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