Chapter 23

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The door slams closed behind me. I turn my head and Zach is standing there, face expressionless.

"Well?" he prompts. "Tell me. You certainly look like you know something."

I fight to get the words out. "I don't, Zach."

He leans in closer, looking cross. "You do. Your face. I know something's up."

Taking in a deep breath, I tell him the whole story of how I met Josh and how we both came back after the storm for my family. I tell him about the stories Josh told me. They're still clear in my head, spinning around like they're in a washing machine.

Amelia, I caused the storm. Josh told me. Me and Angie's brother. Well, it was more him but it was both of us really.

Zach listens with a face that changes. One minute he looks angry and the next he looks confused. Now though, he's looking thoughtful.

"Is it true?" I demand. "Listen, I don't get what's going on. You've got to tell me."

He sighs. "Ok, here goes nothing. Basically, your precious Joshy and I... we... we're not exactly normal."

I frown. Please, I think. A massive storm has whipped through the country, this mysterious boy seems to think he's in charge of me, and now you're involved in this too? "How?"

"Well, we kinda control the weather and we can make things happen. Big things."

"Like what things?"

"Storms for example, and hurricanes and earthquakes. You get it. But thing is, Amelia, the Government hate people like us."

My jaw drops. "The Government? You mean... like... the Queen?"

He nods gravely. "Yes. Now, they don't like it when we cause storms like these so now I have to be extremely careful not to be found."

"But that doesn't answer what I'm asking!" I protest. "Why did you make a big storm happen? You didn't have to—"

Angie's brother shakes his head. "We did. There's a revolution happening right now, Amelia. Right now between your kind and my kind. We used the storm as a distraction. We're planning for something big after this."

"Like what?"

"A big fight. Your Government have kept us locked up for years."

"Us?" I ask. "What do you mean by us? What do you guys call yourselves?"

Zach shrugs. "I'm not sure but others call us Weather Controllers." Then he adds sarcastically, "I prefer to be called a normal human being."

I shake my head. "Zach, you are normal!"

He steps away. "No I'm not. Look, watch this."

He moves over to the window and places his palm on it. Within a few minutes, it's crystallised to white pieces. I watch, awestruck as he wipes his fingers against the glass and it disappears.

Zach turns back round. "You see? It's real, Amelia."

"Does Angie know anything about this?" I demand. "Does your mum?"

He looks worried. "I keep meaning to tell them but what are you meant to say? Hey mum, I can control the weather and I'm against you. Please forgive me. I have to go make a storm now. Bye."

I stay in silence, still trying to drink this all in. "God, Zach. This doesn't make any sense."

"I know it doesn't," he replies. "But you gotta trust me. And you can't tell anyone about this. None of you lot are supposed to know about these things."

"So why do I know about it?" I say angrily. "Why involve me in your mess?"

"Because of that stupid Josh. That's why!" Zach explodes. "He couldn't keep it a secret from you. Now, don't start blaming me. I didn't want you to come here—"

He cuts off when the door behind us suddenly bursts open. I turn round, wondering why I didn't lock it.

"I heard everything," Angie says. "You lot are a bunch of complete loonies."

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