Part 17~ Well...

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_______'s P.O.V.

"Gam... what was that all about?" He shrugged. We went to my room but the door was shut and locked. "What the hell?" I mumbled. Me and Gamzee put our ears to the door, listening to their conversation.


"I thought you didn't like human2, KK. You 2aid they were a di2grace to the univer2e."


"Exactly, KK."

It went silent. There was no movement or noise. The lock clicked and we scooted back. Karkat came out with his face red and tears in his eyes and ran to the living room. "K-Karkat?"

"I'll talk to him sis." I nodded as Gamzee followed Karkat. I walked into the room and saw Sollux with his head in his hands, sitting on my bed. "Sollux?... are you okay?" He shook his head. I sat next to him and hugged him. "What happened?"

"Kk2 ju2t a jealou2 a22hole. You'd rather have me a2 a mate2prit, right?" He looked at me and smirked. "I... uh... I don't know. M-Maybe.." He kissed me and walked out of the room. I followed him and saw Gamzee papping Karkat. "Karbro its fine."


"Karkat." He looked up at me then turned away. "What, ______?"

~Eheheheheh Karkles doesn't know Gamzee screwed you too. Clueless Karkles is clueless. XD~

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