Chapter Five: Brother

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Cancer? One of us? Aries saw that, he would know if Cancer was the same as the others...

I walked down the halls of Elliptica, going to my dorm. I was nearly there when I saw my roommate. Capricorn.

I smirked as he entered our dorm, mischief forming in my mind.

I entered our dorm and found him lying on his bed, reading. Well, he's fast. I stood on the doorway, waiting for him to notice me.
He closed his book and sighed, he noticed me and groaned. Heh, he knows when I'm getting mischievous.

"Finished yet?" I asked, teasingly.
"Yeah..." Capricorn said, looking down. Wow, is it really that bad to finish a book?

"Sirius died!" he said and buried his face in his pillow, after putting the book away.
Oh great, now he's gonna mourn a fictional character.

"Hey, Capricorn. You weren't at lunch today," I started, slyly taking a bottle of mustard from under my bed (Hah! Don't ask why!) without Capricorn noticing.

"Why do you care?" Capricorn said bitterly, taking out a different book from his bag.

"Because you're my brother, aren't you?" I said, winking at him. He just rolled his eyes.
"Only you consider me that," he muttered.

"Aww, come on. Why didn't you eat?" I asked, standing up and sitting next to Capricorn.
"Get out of my bed," he said, but he didn't push me off. He probably knew I was stronger.

"But you need to eat," I said, pinching him. He yelped and I quickly squished the bottle of mustard, getting a lot of it into his mouth.

He quickly stood up and ran for the bathroom. I just chuckled when I heard him gagging.

"I'm going to go see Aries, okay?" I said, as though he'd need to know.
"I hate you, Leo!" He yelled from the bathroom.
"I love ya too, little brother!" I yelled back and quickly exited the room just to annoy him more.

I headed to Aries and Taurus' dorm. I need to talk to Aries about Cancer.
I knocked on the door.

"It's open," Aries' voice came out muffled. I opened the door and saw Aries on his bed, using his laptop.

"Hey," I smiled at him, sitting down on his bed.

"So... About Cancer today," He started, he already knew what I was gonna talk about, huh?
"Here's the thing. Cancer might be one of us, but he's a water type," He said, still looking at his laptop.

"So that makes two water types," I said, remembering Scorpio.
"No, that's three," Aries said, that made me raise an eyebrow.

"The new girl-her name is Pisces-is a water type. She could heal herself with water," Aries explained, looking at me.

Then he faced his laptop to me.
I stared at all the information he has already gotten.

Aries (aka me):
Type: Fire
Ability: Pyrokinesis

Type: Earth
Ability: Creation

Type: Air
Ability: Message Transfer

Type: Water
Ability: Water Source

Type: Fire
Ability: Claws

Type: Earth
Ability: Change

Type: Air

Type: Water
Ability: Aquakinesis

Type: Fire
Ability: Fire Arrows

Type: Earth
Ability: Destruction

Type: Air
Ability: Aerokinesis

Type: Water
Ability: Water Healing

I felt amazed and envious at the same time, why is Aries so smart?

"Uhh, so why is Cancer above me?" I asked.
"Because he's older," Aries answered, examining the list again. There was silence except the sound from the tapping of Aries' keyboard.

"Aries... Why are you so smart?" I asked.
"I wouldn't exactly call myself smart," Aries chuckled. "Maybe stalkerish, but not smart," he added.

I sighed.
"But you're always at the top, you're always the smartest, best, and you get to do things that I can't," I complained.
"Not to mention that your parents love you," I muttered.

"What do you mean do things that you can't?" Aries asked.
"You know, that you can go to meetings, you can show people around. Maybe... Maybe it would be better if you just went on without me?"

Okay, maybe that was too fast. Stop being friends because I'm jealous?

"W-what? But you're..." I didn't hear the rest because he just murmured it.
"I meant... Fine! It's not like I needed you anyway!" He said, shutting down his laptop and putting it aside.

That took me by surprise, wasn't he supposed to be my best friend? Did I expect him to deny?
"Fine! I have Gemini and Sagittarius anyway!" I said, crossing my arms.

He glared daggers at me.
"Then leave," he said, pointing to the door. A pang of pain shot through me,
I stood, but didn't leave. I just glared at him.

"I said LEAVE!" He said, fire erupting from his hand.
I was shocked at the sudden appearance of the fire. I felt claws coming out from my hands, still uncontrollable.

"Fine, if that's how you want it," He stood, and then lit both hands.

I guess it's a fight then.
I ran to him and attempted to claw at his face, but I missed and just clawed the air. He blew smoke in my eyes and I stumbled back, my eyes hurt and I couldn't open them. Finally I recovered my vision but Aries was nowhere to be seen.

I saw the window open and went to see if he hid behind it. He couldn't have jumped, we were on the third floor. I looked out and felt a pair of hands push me.

I managed to grab onto the ledge, avoiding a fall that could cause my death. Luckily, my claws were strong enough to dig in the stone. (Sorry, headmaster. Life is kinda important at the moment.)

"Having fun just hanging around?" Aries smirked, looking out from inside.
"Not funny, Aries," I growled, glaring at him.

I looked down and instantly looked up. I felt my claws slowly disappearing,

Maybe I was dumb, but I couldn't let my ego down and ask Aries for help... But it looks like that's what he wants.

But he's my best friend...

The claws on my right hand completely disappeared and I hung on one hand.
I glared at Aries and he just shrugged, as though watching someone fall was something he saw everyday.

"Aries..." I said.
"Hmm?" He said, watching me slowly lose my grip.
"I hate you."

I closed my eyes as I felt my hand let go, waiting for the pain.
I felt nothing but a hand on my wrist.

"You know I wouldn't let that happen."

I opened my eyes to see Aries holding on to me.
He smiled at me warmly, as if we didn't just fight earlier.

"Why?" I asked, almost breathless.

"You're my brother."

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