Chapter 79.

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Suman's POV.

Frowning at the sight in front of me I bit my lower lip in my attempt to concentrate. Lifting the item in question and placing it in the correct position was also not helping much.

I closed my eyes and imagined myself putting it on-

"Gross!" the voice dripping in disgust burst my delicious bubble of imagination and I snapped my eyes open.

Frowning at the face in front I moved my hands away. "What are you talking about?"

"Sumo it's downright gross! You were holding that T shirt on me and imagining yourself with my brother." Pushkar made a face like he wanted to puke and I felt my face go warm.

Was I so obvious? I had indeed let my imagination run wild and had started thinking about putting this T shirt over Shravan's head and pull it down his hard chest- damn and double damn!

I was once again letting my imagination run in the direction that was by no way innocent. Not my fault really. What can a woman do if her man is so hot and -

"I am out of here!" Pushkar's pitiful voice shook me out of my not so innocent thoughts. "You are doing it again Sumo!" he complained.

"Shut up!" I said and turned my face away from him, not wanting him to see my face red with embarrassment. "You are supposed to help me chose something for Shravan." I said patting the form fitting white T shirt in front of me.

"Sumo it's already winter and you are looking at T Shirts with stretchable material?" Pushkar said and I sighed in relief that he was not teasing me.

I shrugged "He can wear them below his clothes and use them as vest till summer sets in." Truth was once I had walked into this off season clearance sale the first thing I had noticed was these T shirts and the thought of Shravan in these form fitting fabrics had done things to my imagination that I had not thought myself to be capable of thinking.

I shook my head trying to shake off the image of Shravan in one of them, me helping me getting into one- started forming in my mind once again.

Sumo you silly girl you are becoming a big pervert!

After debating about the shades to buy we headed to the next section. I grinned as a plan formed in my mind and turned to go to another section.

"Where are you going?" the brat asked as he followed me.

"To buy a purse for Mami." I said trying my best to hold back my laughter at his expression of dismay when he realised waistcoat for Preeti was not next on the list. I knew that was one reason why he agreed to accompany me to shopping, so that he could check what I bought for Preeti.

It was kind of cute, what was going on between these two. However I would want them to be direct with each other and confess their feelings. Pushkar had in a way already made it clear but Preeti was still dodging the topic every time I tried to talk about it.

I dialled Preeti's number "Let's get into a video chat with a certain someone in Delhi." I winked at Pushkar and to see his face go red was an absolute feeling of delight.

Within seconds Preeti's face showed on my phone screen. Almost instantly I knew something was wrong. "What happened?" I asked right away and Pushkar's face beside me was full of concern.

"Mummy found out." She said and I frowned in confusion. "She already knows about me and Shravan-" I stopped short when Preeti started shaking her head "Anuj bhaiya." she blurted.

That was enough for alarm to course it's way through me. I exchanged a look with Pushkar and then stared back at Preeti as she related what had happened there few hours back.

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