Chapter 31 - Concrete curbs & two words

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My mouth went dry as I continued to stare at the small, seemingly harmless object on the dresser beside the bed that had the capacity to rip my heart into shreds. It sat there mocking me for what seemed to be hours.

Finally, my breath was caught and I had come to my senses, and I threw the warm covers off of me and scrambled out of the bed. Harry, who looked absolutely adorable with his sleepy stare, watched in confusion as I scurried around the room to find my shoes.

"Norah," He said slowly, his voice scratchy from sleep. "What are you doing?"

I chose not to answer; instead I focus slipping on the black heels onto my feet and buckling them up so that I could walk out of there. My fingers fumbled with the small gold clip helplessly before I gave up and tugged the heels off my feet with the decision to go barefoot.

"Norah. I asked what you were doing."

"What does it fucking look like?" I snapped.

I hurried out of the room with my shoes in hand before he could reply, letting the slamming of the door behind me show my anger. The large penthouse was completely silent except for the sound of my bare feet padding down the hallway.

Then another door shut, and I knew he was coming after me exactly like I expected he would. I took the stairs two at a time in an attempt to get out of there, but before I was even out of the posh living room, his arms were wrapping around my waist from behind to stop me.

"Where are you going?" He growled.

"I'm leaving," I huffed as I attempted to get out of his grip. "Let me go!"

"Why are you leaving?"

"Just let me go!"

He pulled me closer to him in response. "Norah, calm down. If you stop moving, I will let you go."

I immediately collapsed backwards into his chest, as the soothing tone in his voice seemed to rid my body of the adrenaline that had been rushing through my veins only moments prior. Wrapping his arms around my waist, Harry picked me up carefully and carried me to the couch, where he sat down with me in his lap.

"Tell me what's wrong," He commanded quietly.

His hand tucked a piece of hair behind my ear before slipping under my chin and raising it to where our gazes were locked, mine full of heartbreak and his full of confusion. The curls that were usually so fluffy and out of control were matted down on one side where he had been laying, and I desperately wanted to reach out and fix them.

I stared at him for so long, he eventually leaned forward and tried to kiss me, at which point I flinched away from his dangerous, tantalising lips. Harry pulled back in utter confusion and didn't even attempt to stop me as I crawled out of his lap and onto the couch next to him, tucking my knees into my chest.

"The earring," I whispered. "The earring on the nightstand."

Searching his face for a reaction, I wasn't even surprised when I didn't get one. The usual, collected expression was pulled over his features as if nothing could ever take him by surprise. "The diamond one?"

"Fuck, was there more than one?" I scoffed.


I rolled my eyes and scooted further away on the couch. "I would leave, but since you insist on driving everywhere, I would appreciate it if you would call James for me."

He stared at me intensely as I stared back, unsure of what to do with myself in the current situation and my social skills that weren't exactly up to part didn't help very much. Neither did the fact that his jaw was slowly clenching and unclenching in a very distracting manner.

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