What is Love?

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What is love?

Is it a symbol,

like a dove?

Does it provide warmth,

like a glove?

Does it appear

in the night?

Without causing fright?

Is it like water,

running down a stream?

Or does it only show up,

in a dream?

What is love?

Is it a thought?

That God brought?

Or a fealing?

With an undiscribable fealing?

What is love?

What IS love?

Will I ever find you,

you mysterious love?


Hi, I'm Danielle (Dani*)! This is my very first poem. I know it's short, but give me a break! I would truely apprecite it if, you would comment! I need to know what to improve! So I can make my poetry better! Well, that's all! Thx for reading!

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