Forced: "Why do I have to marry HIM? (Arranged marriage story)"

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"Forced: "Why do I have to marry HIM? (Arranged marriage story)"

Iris' P.O.V

My mouth was still in the form of a perfect "O". What I have just learned would change my life forever! My parents arranged my marriage! Sudden anger took over me and I screamed a high pitch wale. My little brother covered his ears and his eyes widened.

"Why?!" I yelled. "Why make me marry someone I don't love!" I yelled it as more of a statement then a question.

"Iris honey, sit down. Let us explain." My dad said softly. My mom put her hand on my shoulder. I brushed her off.

"No!" I screamed, choking back tears. I turned around and ran down the hall. I took a sharp turn up the stairs and straight to my room. I slammed the door shut, locked it, and slide my back down the door. I huddled into a ball and cried. Over on my bed, my phone was ringing. I turned my head and squeezed my eyes tighter. I knew the guy that I loved was texting me. He and I were planning on going out tomorrow, the last day of school. How would I tell him we couldn't be together because in exactly 2 weeks I'll be married. I sighed and walked over to my bed. I lay down. My eyes were glued to my phone. I slowly raised my hand to pick it up but then put my arm back down. I couldn't text him right now, I'm just too depressed. I sniffed and grabbed a pillow to lay my head on. As soon as my head hit the pillow, I was out.

Landon's P.O.V

My parents said they had big news for me earlier this morning, but that was the least of my concerns. Right now I was sitting in front of Grace Laurence, the hottest blonde at school. I was hoping she'd give in. Give into what you say? Into getting laid by me, the hottest buy in school. Being laid by me is an honor because I only do hot chicks. She finally grinned and said she would go with me to my place.

"-but no sex." She said and giggled as we stood. I grinned but she should've known better. I would get what I want no matter what.

As soon as we walked into my house my parents stopped me.

"Landon's friend, we're sorry but may you please leave. We have to talk to Landon." My dad said. My mouth dropped. I was pissed. She nodded and turned back around. She left without a sound.

"Dad, what the hell!?" I shouted as I saw Grace pull out her cell and turn down the street. My dad shut the door. He looked at me frustrated and serious.

"I told you not to bring anyone home, and also I told you we have to talk." He said strictly. I groaned and rolled my eyes. "Kitchen." He pointed to the kitchen. I walked down the hall to our huge kitchen. My mom and younger sister were sitting at the island on bar stools.

"Landon!" My sister, Mimi, shouted. "Mommy and daddy got you a girlfriend!" My mom and dad eyed my sister. I looked around confused. My sister sat back and kept quiet.

"A girlfriend?" I blankly stared at my parents. "You know I can get any girl right? I don't need your help." I started to turn around when I ran into my older brother, Keith, and his wife, Beth.

"Landon, just sit and listen to mom and dad." My brother said. He put his hands on my shoulders, turned me around and pushed me towards a barstool. I quietly got on the stool and bit my lip. Why was my brother here? Was this like a family intervention to stop me from my sex drive? Or what?

"So Landon, have you ever planned what you'll do in your future?" My mom asked sweetly. I shrugged. "That's no answer." She said that a little more strict.

"Sorry mom." I said and looked down. "No, I have no idea what I want to do." I saw my mom and dad smile at how politely I said that. My dad walked over to me and placed his hand on my shoulder.

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