Chapter Three: Secretive and Dangerous

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"Aries is an idiot, yelling at the speaker," One of the girls around me said.
"I second that. He's too explosive. I'd say he's cute but nah," Someone else agreed.
"Girls, please. Just leave him alone," I said, or pleaded... That depends.
"That's rich, coming from Gossip Girl," Selina said, sitting next to me.
What does she want?

"Gem, I need to ask you a favor," she smiled at me.
"Sure," I said mindlessly. She grinned, then stood up.
"Great, just follow me," she said, and started walking inside the school. I followed her, curious about what she wanted. Her dark hair bouncing as she walked fast. I've always been jealous about that hair. Sure I have blond hair going down to my knees already, but I've always wanted a darker colored hair. But I don't like hair dye.

"In here," Selina smiled, opening a door that lead to an abandoned classroom. I entered and looked around, Selina closed the door from behind us.
"So, Gemini Goldsworth," she started.
I winced at the mention of my surname, that name has a bad history with me.
"You do know Taurus, right?" Selina asked, sitting on one of the desks.

"Yeah, why?" I asked.
"Well, I want you to stay away from him, you're annoying him. But that aside, tell me about Virgo," Selina asked, grinning at me.
"Virgo, why?" I asked again, confused. I was entirely okay with spilling secrets about my classmates, but something about Selina sent chills down my spine.

"Just tell me," she said, "And how she's involved with Taurus. If you don't, consider your darkest secret revealed. I hope you don't mind people knowing about your secrets since you spill theirs. They would certainly want to know about the com-"

"I'll tell you anything," I said seriously, not wanting her to continue. I tried to hide my panic but failed miserably, that made her smirk.

"Tell me."

Now I'm certain Taurus has a freak on his tail...

... Cliché madness.

"Virgo and Taurus? Okay. Taurus used to have a crush on Virgo, but that ended already. I swear, there's nothing between them," I answered. Selina raised an eyebrow, probably expecting more.

"Who else likes my senpai?" She asked. I tried not cringe at what she called him, did she realize she was calling him superior? Or senior? Whatever.
"Uhm, Pisces?" I guessed.
"I'm serious," she said threateningly.
"Sagittarius," I guessed again, but this time tried to sound more serious. No, wrong answer!

"Tell me about her darkest secrets," She smiled wickedly, making me regret my answer.

Now she's just using me...

Sagittarius used to be my roommate, now her new roommate is Aquarius. But I had enough information. I had to tell, or else my secrets are out.


I left the room, instantly regretting my actions. I just lied that Sagittarius liked Taurus and just told Selina her darkest secret. What's wrong with me?

But then again, it's all for my family's sake... Right?

"Oh, hey, Gemini," a voice came around. I looked to see who it was.


Just my luck.

"Usually you'd say hello, but that works too," Sagittarius laughed. She's so bubbly, I felt guilt surge through every part of my body.

"Hey, Sagittarius... Do you know about the new girl, Pisces?" I started.
"Hmm, so what about her?" She asked.
I quickly grabbed her hand, and sent a message.

She can heal with water, she's just like us.

I let go. She stared at me in shock. Sagittarius was just like me, and we were different. We were, how should I put this, supernatural? How do you say unnatural abilities without being cliché?

"She's... One of us?" Sagittarius whispered.

I couldn't tell her about Selina, she'd hate me forever. She's my best friend, after all..... Well, apart from Taurus, Virgo, Leo, and Libra.

Now that I realize it... Why do I have so many friends again?

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