Lillian groaned as her phone went off and pulled her pink blanket over her head. Not even knowing what time it was, she didn’t want to be woken up. She felt a sudden headache and what was worse; she couldn’t remember how she left the party.

A phone ringtone went off that she didn't recongize and Lillian felt the spot next to her move so her eyebrows moved forward together. That isn’t Jeanette’s ring tone. She heard a male voice groan and her eyes popped opened. She didn’t want to believe it. Her heart started racing and she started shaking as she turned her head to the right.

Horror passed her face when she saw none other than her best friend boyfriend butt naked next to her. She brought the covered up to her mouth, “Oh my god,” she said and Ryan’s eyes snapped open.

They stared at each other wide-eyed. “Oh shit,” he said right when her phone went off again.

Lillian rolled over at the end and saw her phone on the floor. She covered her top half as she reached down and grabbed it. Jeanette.

“Oh God! It’s her. Oh God!” she said in a panic and threw her phone across the bed, her whole body shaking. A sudden pain increased in between her legs and she felt sore.

She didn’t dare look at Ryan when he got up from the bed and she heard him quickly getting dressed. Her eyes watered up, realizing she was naked also. She lost her virginity. She brought the blankets up closer to her and a cry escaped past her mouth when tears escaped.

She wasn’t a virgin anymore.

She lost it to her best friend’s boyfriend at a party she was drunk at.

She felt like a cheap slut.

She cried harder now into the blanket.

“Lil—Lillian…” she heard Ryan and she pulled the blanket down from her face. “I’m sorry,” he said, also in a panic, before quickly leaving the room.

Tears rolled down her face as she tried to remember last night but she wasn't thinking hard enough at the moment since she was freaking out. She wiped across her face to clear it after a few more minutes of crying. How did this happen? she questioned herself. Why’d it happen?

The more she tried to think about it, the more her head hurt. She decided to just think about it later when she didn’t feel like throwing up. She rolled the blankets off her and swung her legs over the edge.

She grimanced and lightly hissed when the soreness in the middle of her legs hit again and she felt like someone threw a brick at her down there. Just to make sure, she reached down and felt her hymen was broken.

Definitely not a virgin anymore. Every now and then a tear would escape her eyes as she got dress. She couldn’t seem to find her underwear though. She ignored it, thinking if someone did find them they’d think it’s someone else’s other than hers.

She looked around for her cell phone. As she ducked under the bed and felt around, she noticed something on the side Ryan had been on. She picked up the wrapper and saw it was an empty condom wrapper. She couldn’t help but sigh in relief, now getting past the question if he used a condom or not but now she doesn’t have to wonder anymore.

She quickly left Marni’s house where she saw a few other people lying on the couches or the floor. She knew she had to walk home because going to Jean’s house was out of the question and calling her parents from a party she went to is also out of the question. The walk was only about twenty minutes; the morning air would do her good.

Scratch that, the cold air only gave her more of a headache and now she was freezing cold. But she made it home and noticed her parents car wasn’t there. Work. She went inside and quickly started up a warm shower.

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