Charity Event

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I stepped back at Xavier's abrupt statement.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have asked so bluntly." I gently squeezed the hand on his shoulder.

"It's fine, you wouldn't have known anyway." He replied with a smile, though his hooded eyes said otherwise and looked passed me in the distance.

I averted my gaze elsewhere, my eyes wandering around through the embarrassment painted over me. I'm such an idiot.

"Hey," he whispered.

"Hm?" I snapped out of my thoughts.

"It's okay, really no need to worry over something that happened years ago." He smiled once again, accentuating his sculpted cheeks.

"Sure," I nodded.

"Ladies and gentlemen," it was Darius' father once again.

"I'm sure you have all enjoyed mingling with one another, now however is the time for our annual charity event, please do find your seats in the hall next door." Leonard announced, his eyes found his way through the crowd and met mine.

I stiffened in Xavier's arm, as the proud man sauntered to us, without even a care for his eldest whom he had just walked passed, he beamed a smile at Xavier.

"There you are son, come on let's go." He gestured with his hands.

I blinked and took a step back.

"Are you coming?" Xavier asked, as his father looked on at my bewildered appearance.

I cleared my throat and lifted my head to meet Leonard, "I'll go and see to Darius, incase he needs anything." I nodded my head at them both and grabbed a piece of my dress, almost rushing to Mr. Fontaine.

"What are you doing?" Reina spat out, I of course chose to ignore her.

"Dar–Mr. Fontaine, is there anything you need before we head to the event?" I halted in my tracks, pushing my hair out of my face.

Darius was standing with a hand in one pocket, the other had raked through his hair though he had a few strands peeking out. He was both rough and smart, a gentleman and a rugged fellow. I had to crane my neck to meet his gaze, which never even bothered to look at mine.

"Just stay out of my way for now." He jeered and brushed his shoulder passed me and clicked his loafers away to the hall.

Reina looked at me in disgust and followed along like the poodle she was.

"Sure, I don't mind. I'll just hide here under the table." I rolled my eyes.

"Can I join you?"

I inhaled a sharp breath and turned on my heels, Xavier was standing there with a lopsided smile on his face. His arm was out, gesturing me to join him.

"Can't we just stay here instead?" I pleaded, continuing with his joke.

"And miss the party? No chance." He replied with a chuckle and grabbed my hand.

I nearly collided into him when he twirled me around and had me by his side, his strong arm around my waist.

"Wow," I managed to breathe out.

"That's not all I can do." His chocolate coated eyes glinted with amusement winking, before he opened his mouth towards my own.

"Perhaps that could wait," I held a hand with a small grin teasing my lips. "We should head back," I chuckled.

"No one will notice," he breathed down on my neck, tickling me to a shudder. I wasn't sure where this was coming from, but compared to last time, I actually liked the feeling.

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