Chapter 21

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Cover by Jayda (sensual_ ). Honestly, can that woman in the picture be me? xD

What are some kinks that you guys' like/have? For example: spankings, being tied up, threesomes, etc. It can literally be anything. Don't be shy, no one will judge you.

Also, keep an open mind while reading this chapter...

Sometime afterwards, he teleported us onto the bed, me on my back with his face still on my chest and his body halfway on top of mine. His face was turned to the side and even though his eyes were closed, tears streamed down them. He didn't make a sound or even open his eyes. He just laid there, crying...until he wasn't.

I don't know how long we stayed in that position, but I kept my hand locked in his snowy hair, massaging his scalp gently.

"Don't tell anyone about this." Damien mumbled, drawing me out of my thoughts. I frowned, momentarily confused.

"About what?" I asked and I heard him sigh, staying silent. Then it clicked. "Oh, you crying. Yeah, what happens in your room, stays in your room." After that, we were silent for about another hour and I thought he had fallen asleep.

"You wanna know what's funny?" I jumped a bit when his voice broke the silence of the room and I glanced down to see him playing with the hem of my leggings.

"What?" I asked and he looked up, his black eyes red from crying.

"We used to hate each other." I raised my eyebrows, my hand stilling on his head.

"We did?" I asked and he nodded, adjusting his head until it was on my torso.

"You thought I was an annoying asshole who only thought with his dick." Damien said and I waited for him to tell me what he thought of me, but he went silent.

"And you?" He trailed a finger up the middle of my torso, sending a surprising shiver up my spine. He smirked at me, his fingers creating lazy circles around my belly button.

"I've always liked you." He answered and for some reason, it made my heart swell. I ignored the foreign feeling, pushing it down far, far away.

He's not Eli. I thought to myself. But he is your mate too. My conscious argued. I jumped when I felt his lips press against my belly, a kissing sound filling the room.

"Damien." I warned, not wanting this to go any further. But he started kissing his way up my torso, leaving a burning path when he flicked out his tongue to taste my skin. I bit my lip as heat spread through my belly and down to the junction between my legs, wetness pooling at my center.

"Alice." he hummed back, making his way up to my sports bra. He peeled back the material and I watched a smirk appear on his face when he saw hard my nipples were, like tiny knives stabbing the cool air of the room. I sucked in a breath when his mouth closed around one of them, scorching my skin as his tongue laved over it.

"" I moaned out when he sucked hard, letting his tongue swirl around the hard nub, biting down softly. My fingers tightened in his hair and he grunted in pain, switching his attention to my other nipple. Damien's fingers dug into my sides briefly before he released my nipple and winked at me, bringing my sports bra over my chest once more.

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