Found You

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Daehyun gently pressed the already open door wider and let himself in.

There were numerous things in there that might've been incredibly appealing when fresh.

Bean Bag chairs


A table

A kitchen

Series lights

And nothing quite odd.

Except for one thing that sat at the side of the bean bag chair.
Daehyun's breath hitched and he found himself kneeling beside it, both hands shaking as he lifted it up to eye level.

This couldn't be..

His chest was growing tighter and tighter as each second ticked by and he wasn't sure if his brain just had it with everything and tried to fabricate a random object's appearance or if it was really Youngjae's old Mickey Mouse backpack. There was only one way to find out.

A ringing sound of the zipper buzzed in his eardrums conjuring up his anxiety. This really couldn't be..

The notebook.

Worst possibilities of happenings that might happen to you:

1. Youngjae gets eaten by a monster.

2. A bear pops out of no where and drags my Youngjae away from the city and in to the forest.

3. An eagle snatches my little Youngjae and they fly high above. But then the eagle gets tired because my little Youngjae's weight isn't as little as he is and so the eagle dropped him and he broke his leg.

4. My little Youngjae gets invited over for some tea by a man wearing a sweater.

He recognized his own messy handwriting from eight years ago, this was definitely Youngjae's backpack, there was no denying it anymore.

Daehyun brought it to his chest and wrapped it around his arms as if it were Youngjae himself. He felt an utmost dense weight sit on top of him and he couldn't understand if it were dragging him down or lifting him up.

He was so happy and at the same time depressed. All his hard work.. all those tears, all THESE tears.. They were worth it. He wasn't crazy. Maybe in the process of becoming so, but he was at least not one yet. This overwhelmed him so much.

He exhaled heavily as the heat slithered up to his face. "You.. you were here. Youngjae, you were here." He sobbed, struggling to hold it all in again. "I thought I'd never know where you'd went.. but.. you were here.."

He rubbed at the wetness piling up on his eyes before they could spoil the backpack. It was so precious to him, he'd give up a bounty of treasure for it, not that it wasn't already treasure itself.

"Yeah.. I was here.. and I still am."

Daehyun's eyes bulged out of their sockets. That voice. He swore to the seven seas, it was Youngjae's.

"Y-Youngjae? Are you there?" Maybe he was finally crazy after all.

"Daehyun? You can hear me?"

Daehyun stood up, unbelieving of his ears. " I-I can hear you! Where are you?!"

He wasn't expecting a response, but rather hoping for one.

"I'm right in front of you, Daehyun! "

He didn't see anyone.

And suddenly Daehyun felt as if a horrific landmine exploded in his face. He wasn't sure if he was seriously losing it and that he needed to book a ticket to the nearest asylum because all the signs pointed seeing as he was trying to pull himself so desperately from the cognitive quandary... or that really.. if he were to view it in the most irrational hypothetical scenario of an unwanted option..

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