Chapter Four: Water Source

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It was already around lunch when Scorpio came back from catching up with his soccer friends, or teammates.

"How was it?" I smiled, currently seated on my bed.
"Horrible! Honestly, Sirius didn't practice at all during summer. And Rigel wanted to join, I tried testing him out but he didn't even know how to properly kick a ball! He sent it flying sky high, ugh!" Scorpio complained, his red hair was wet from sweat and he was panting. He leaned on the doorway, holding his soccer ball.

"I'm sure you'll turn out great once the games start, you're a natural," I attempted to cheer him up.
"Heh, you're right. Let's go before we miss lunch," He smiled, and I followed him out the hall.


We made it to the cafeteria and quickly grabbed a tray and filled it with cafeteria food. I grabbed an apple while Scorpio kept picking out which one to put on his tray and which one is to leave behind. Madam Andromeda was nice, she was also patient about Scorpio.

"Okay, that's about it. Oh, wait! Can I have a bottle of coke?" Scorpio asked. Madam Andromeda smiled at him and left, she came back with two bottles.
"Here," She handed one to Scorpio while the other was given to me.

Scorpio and I sat on a table that was almost at the corner of the big cafeteria.

"So, Scorpio... How's your condition going?" I whispered, and he almost dropped his food.
"Cancer, let's not talk about that now," Scorpio replied, which made me quite upset. I was just worried that he might be distressed.
"But, it got out of control this summer. I dunno why but I just felt angry and made all the water in the house splash on my mom," Scorpio said, annoyed. I muttered an apology but he didn't hear.

"But anyway, things went well afterwards. Mom didn't tell anyone," Scorpio smiled, which comforted me.
"Scorpio... Do you smell salt water?" I asked.
I smelled it, nearby.
"No, what are you talking about?" He asked. I didn't answer, sniffing every water source on our table.

"Uhh, Cancer... People are starting to stare," Scorpio said uncomfortably, shifting on his seat.
I just sighed and gave up, of course there's no salt water in Elliptica... It's in the freaking middle of the country!

"Sorry. Just got carried away," I apologized, taking a sip on my bottle of coke.
I facepalmed at my stupidity, and also to hide the red blush on my face due to embarrassment. Everyone who stared earlier went back to doing their things and I decided to do the same but...
I smelled it again, salt water... In my hands?

I watched in horror as salt water started to form like sweat on my palms, except they were salt water and they increased by every second.
I heard Scorpio drop his spoon and fork and slip down the table, then he pulled me down with him.
Tears were forming in my eyes at the moment, scared at the unfamiliar and odd turn of events.

Scorpio then forced me to look him in the eyes, he held my hands for some reason I don't know.
"Cancer, look at me. Don't look away. Just relax, don't think about salt water," he said seriously. Something about his soft, blue eyes made me feel comfortable. Something about him makes someone feel scared but safe at the same time.
Then his hands left mine.

"See, all you had to do was relax," he said smiling at me. I looked at my hands, and the water was gone. I gently closed my hands into fists, longing for the touch of my best friend again. Everything around us was dry, like nothing happened. But people were staring.

"Did that student just cry over a spilled glass of water?"
"Sheesh, he's so dramatic."
"Stop, you guys. He just has a sensitive soul."

Great. Now people think I cry about every single little thing.
Scorpio put a hand on my shoulder. "Let's talk about this tonight," He suggested and I nodded.

Glancing at my hands once again, I tried remembering if this happened before. Certainly, this has been a first time.
It's weird having a water source inside you.

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