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Author P.O.V

A girl appeared on the Hunter exam site. She heard whispers around her " what's a little girl doing here " " she looks so fragile " " she won't stand a chance "


I felt my eyes twitching hearing those comments. ' tch. They're gonna regret it for underestimating me ' I thought angrily though my exterior remain emotionless.

The door to the exam site opened. I turn to see 3 guys. A green-ish haired boy, a blonde boy and a black haired guy.

I walk towards them " hello, I'm Y/N. Nice to meet you ". The green-ish haired boy turn to me. " I'm Gon Freecs. This is Kurapika *point to blonde boy* and this is Leorio *pointing to black haired guy* nice to meet you too " he said with a big smile. The other too just smile warmly at me.

Then a fat guy approach us. My necklace glow green ' my necklace detects poison. Good thing I'm immune. But this guy is bad news ' I narrowed my eyes at him.

After a while of talking I became more suspicious with this guy, who introduce himself as Tonpa. He offers us some can juice. We took it from him. ' Tch. Pathetic, poison won't work on me ' I turn to the others to see Gon and Leorio spitting it out while Kurapika pour the content out.

I just calmly drink them " Y/N-Chan. Don't drink those. It's expired " " juice can't expired Gon " I turn to Tonpa to see him looking at me strangely " what? Worried? *smirk* don't be. My body is immune to poison " the others look at me wide eyed.

" that was lame you know. Such a coward to try and poison other participants " I appear behind him and whisper " try doing tricks like that *chuckle darkly* I'll make you suffer " he shiver at my tone and nodded. He took of running.

We soon start and I heard Leorio yelling at a boy claiming he's cheating because he's using skateboard. Gon and I tell him that it isn't cheating that the examiners only command us to follow him.

I soon learn his name is Killua. And he's the same age as Gon and I.

5 days pass and we are on our way to kukuroo mountain. Killua has been manipulated by his older Brother. Illumi. We found out that he's from a family of elite assassin. We are going to rescue him. We succeeded in rescuing him, Kurapika and Leorio went separate ways from us cause they have their own business to do. Kurapika wants to revenge on his clans massacre. While Leorio wants to study to be a doctor. We said our goobye.

Me? Well I'm sticking together with Killua and Gon for our own adventure. I know it's stupid I only just know Killua but I'm falling for him.

A week after that. Gon is still asleep in the hotel we booked for the night. Killua suggest we should take a walk together around the town we're staying at.

We are currently walking around town. We came across a bridge when suddenly Killua stopped. I turn to him and look at him curiously " what's wrong Killua? Something bothering you? " " yes actually " " what is it? Perhaps I could help you " " *he look down to avoid my gaze* Y/N I know we just met each other. But I... Ugh I can't believe I'm saying this. I-I'm in l-love with y-you. Please g-go out with me " when he look up his face is so red I could compare it to tomato.

I giggle and approach him. " Killua... " " it's okay if you don't feel the same. I- " I cut him off with a kiss. " Baka! Listen to my answer first. I love you too. And I'd be more than happy to be your girlfriend " a huge smile appear on his face and he pick me up and spun me around

" oii!! You're making me dizzy. Put me down!! " I yelled through giggle. He puts me down " oops sorry " he kissed me again this time more passionately. We pulled away and continue strolling around the town.

We've been dating ever since. I can't be more happy. We are inseparable. I wonder what the future has for us. but as Long as I'm with Killua nothing matters to me.

*to be continue*

A/N : this is my 3rd story. Hope you'll enjoy. I didn't follow the anime at all. It's all my own story line. Hope you guys like it. More parts coming up so enjoy.

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