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James lazily turned the page of his book, having no real motivation to read it.

It was Friday night, and he had no plans.

So there he sat, curled under the sheets of his bed trying to grasp at the words on the page that seemed to be running away from him.

"Damn," James set the book down gently when he felt his phone buzz in his pocket. He pulled it out, seeing a picture of his boyfriend displayed across the screen, the word Thomas over it. "Hello?" He asked weakly, his voice giving out when he thought about Thomas. Well, mainly about how far away Thomas was.

He was in France, there was whole ocean between them.

"Hey Jimmy James," Thomas chimed, his normal cheery voice having a sing-song air to it.

"You sound happy. Enjoying France?" James curled himself farther and farther under the uncles amount of blankets in his room in some attempt of disappearing.

"Great, great. James, our apartment number is 108, right?"

James rolled his eyes. "You've been away so long that you've forgotten our apartment number."

"James, please just answer my question," Thomas said, his tone serious.

"Yeah, it is. Why?" James got no answer, all he heard was a knock at the door. "Thomas I swear to god, if you're pulling my leg."

"Jem, I think you should answer the door," James could practically hear Thomas' smirk through the phone as he ran through his apartment, trying to get to the door as quick as possible.

James ripped the door open, seeing Thomas standing there nonchalantly, picking at his nails. He had a few suitcases at his feet.

"What'd I miss?"

"Thomas!" James threw his phone behind him, not caring that there was a high chance it could break. He jumped on Thomas, wrapping his arms around the tall man's neck, and his legs around his waist. James buried his face in the crook of Thomas' neck. "You're home." James didn't even notice he was starting to cry, dampening Thomas' shirt.

"Don't cry Jemmy," Thomas kissed James nose, making him smile.

"You were supposed to be in Paris for another month," James said as Thomas carried him though the apartment, after pulling his bags inside the door.

"I missed you," Thomas shrugged, looking down at James, who had a smile plastered to his face. "Sure, Paris is stunning, breathtaking, beautiful, glorious-"

"Thomas get to the point."

"The point is, that you are way more important than Paris," Thomas set him gently on a mound of blankets. "I don't know if I could ever go back. Not if you're not with me, and then what if you got sick! Paris is not happening. So I'm staying right here." Thomas smiled down at James. That smile morphed into a smirk. "Right-" He pulled James legs apart, holding himself up by one arm. "-Here"

James grabbed Thomas face, pulling him down to join their lips. They managed to get their clothes off, reconnecting their lips only seconds after.

Thomas pulled away to retrieve the lube from their nightstand. He lathered it on his fingers, looking back at James, who was looking wide eyed up at him.

"Ready darling?" Thomas asked, waiting for James' response.

"Yes," James gasped when he felt the sensation of Thomas' fingers moving rhythmically in and out of him. "Thomas... more."

Thomas smirked, pulling his fingers out. James pouted at the loss of friction, but the pout soon disappeared. Thomas pounded into him, making James' mouth open wide, a loud moan passing his lips, his fingers gripped Thomas' shoulders tightly.

Thomas nibbled at James' ear, enjoying every second of their fast-paced bliss.

"Thom-" James cut himself off, groaning at the impact Thomas had made. "There." James whined.

Thomas repeatedly slammed into that spot, that one spot that drove James wild.

"Thomas I'm close," James opened his eyes that were previously closed, looking up at Thomas through his eyelashes. Thomas gave him the same needy gaze.

"Me too baby," He dipped his head down to kiss James before he came.

James wasn't far behind, eyes squeezing shut when he got there, Thomas rubbed circles into his shoulders to get him through it.

They both took a second to just breathe, take in the moment.

Thomas got up, grabbing a towel to clean up the mess they had made before returning to his disheveled boyfriend.

"You okay James?" Thomas asked, picking up James who had found himself rolled in a blanket, almost like a burrito. James tried to crawl out of it but to no success. Thomas simply unrolled the blanket, catching James before he fell to the bed.

"I'm wonderful." James said, looking up at Thomas with love-coated eyes. "Now that you're here.

"Love you," Thomas pecked at James lips before crawling next to him, wrapping his arms around the smaller man.

"I love you too Thomas,"James echoed, feeling the warmth of Thomas' chest against his head.

They both felt themselves drifting off, but neither minded, they were together.

And that's what mattered.

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