Chapter Two: Simply Formed

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I was on my phone, lying on my bed when Aries entered our dorm. Aries was my roommate, though we didn't really get along much.

"How'd it go?" I asked, smiling at him. But he didn't even look at me. Obviously, it didn't go well. He entered the bathroom and I stood up to follow.

It smelled like smoke once the faucet turned. I peeked inside and saw Aries was washing his hands in the faucet whilst smoke came out from his hands.

I wasn't surprised, this was just the second time this had happened. It was back then when he transferred here in sixth grade, when I was his seatmate.

I didn't mean to, but I annoyed him by trying to speak to him. I was surprised when he just suddenly slammed his hand on the desk, setting it on fire.

I couldn't forget the look on his face, he was terrified. Everyone thought that he used a match, but I saw what happened. He wasn't normal.

"Aries," I called, Aries turned the faucet off and just glared at his reflection on the mirror. The smoke slowly disappeared, along with the smell.

Aries walked past me and flopped on his bed, taking a pen and paper from underneath it.

Me being the curious person I am, attempted to take a glimpse.

"Taurus, can you stop being a nosy idiot and leave me alone?" Aries snapped at me, making me back away. "Sorry, I was just curious," I apologized, he sighed. Normally, I would be the stubborn person I am and try to take a look. But I've learned not to annoy Aries much these days.

I decided to just leave and meet the new student myself. But where would I find her?

I walked to the courtyard, where a group of girls were gathered around who I guessed was Gemini. She was probably sharing gossip she learned over the summer, like always. I decided to ask her about the new student, because she always seemed to know where everyone was.

"Hey, Taurus~!" Someone called in a singing voice. I turned around and saw a girl with long, midnight black hair and purple eyes.
"Oh, hey Selina," I greeted, knowing the girl already. She was in class Three B, and she knows me because of her dad and my mother. We're basically childhood "friends" if you will.

"Taurus, how was your summer?" She giggled, wrapping her arms around my neck and making me uncomfortable.

"It was nice, I guess," I answered.
"Mine was horrible! I didn't see you at all!" She whined, clinging to my neck.
"I'm so glad you didn't transfer," she said, snuggling into my chest... And making me a LOT more uncomfortable.

How am I not trying to avoid her?

"Uhm, Selina... Can you please let go?" I asked awkwardly as people were starting to stare.
"Of course. Anything for you, senpai!" She giggled and backed off, finally giving me some space. It still feels weird everytime she calls me senpai.

"Thank you," I said and turned around. "Gemini!" I called, but she was far too buried in the crowd. I decided to push my way through, but I didn't have to. The girls let me pass, some of them were even calling for my attention.
Quirks of being famous, huh?

"Gemini, have you seen the new student?" I asked.
"Oh, hello Taurus! Yes, I've seen her. She's beautiful! She went to the library. But you won't believe what I saw about-"

"Thanks, Gem," I smiled and left, cutting her off. I knew she would talk forever if I didn't.

I left and headed to the library. Luckily, my library restriction was over and I could finally enter. I once accidentally made a mess in there and got temporarily banned, but that's expired.

I opened the door to the library and immediately spotted a new face.
It was a girl, she was indeed beautiful. Capricorn was there as well, he was reading, ignoring the girl. The girl was silently reading over his shoulder.

I sat down in front of them and waved at Capricorn.
"Hi, Capricorn," I smiled, but he didn't look up. He was always like that, ignoring everyone if he wasn't the one who started the conversation.
"Hello," I greeted the girl instead, hoping she would answer me.

"H-hello," she stuttered quietly. Timid.
"I'm Taurus, what's your name?" I asked casually, the most casual I could manage.
"P-Pisces," She stuttered again. Pisces, what a beautiful name.

"I see you've met Capricorn," I stated, looking over at Capricorn.
"Uhh, no. I didn't know his name until you came, but it's nice to meet you both," She smiled. She should smile some more. Argh, cliché thoughts!
Suddenly, an idea formed in my mind.
I clasped my hands together under the table. Focusing some energy on them.
"So, Pisces... Do you like flowers?" I asked.
"Well, of course," She answered.
"Here," I smiled, handing her a daisy I formed in my hands.
"It's wonderful," she gasped, admiring the flower.


Capricorn bumped his head on the book. Were we too noisy?
"What's up?" I asked.
"He died," Capricorn whispered. That got me and Pisces confused...
"Who?" Pisces asked, concerned.
"Sirius," Capricorn said quietly, his head still lying on the table.
"Isn't that Scorpio's teammate?" I asked, raising an eyebrow.
"No, Sirius Black! Ugh, Muggles," he muttered the last part, but it was still audible. It was clear to me that he was reading one of his favorite books again, or series, whichever. He went back to reading and I looked at Pisces.

"Where did you get this?" Pisces asked, raising the Daisy. I smiled.
"It's a secret," I answered.

Or it was just simply formed.

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