Post Season 2 finale Part 2

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I rose from his chest when I realized Mon-el was standing there in suit, a superhero suit. It had all the same colors Kal and I have but a different design. Under his suit I saw a chain wrapped around his neck. I stared at it when Mon-el pulled it from under his suit. It was the necklace I gave him before he left. He also had an L with a comet next to it. I asked him, "I missed you so much. The past year has been horrible without you." "I have waited so long to have you in my arms again. Every night for the past couple of years have been awful without seeing those beautiful comets. And every single time I stared at the sky at night and I saw a comet pass by, I always thought of you. Every hour and every minute. Kara Zor-el, I love you with all my heart." "Mon-el..." I began, "I love you as much as life itself, without you I don't feel complete. I am SO glad you are home with me in your arms. Wait, there is still lead in the atmosphere, how are you not being affected by it." "I will tell you everything and we can have a movie night tonight, and spend time with each other." "Well, first, I have lots of questions but let's go to the DEO to get you checked out and to find why the lead isn't effecting you." And with that Mon-el started floating, how's this possible, you may ask time will tell. And we just flew together to the DEO holding hands while flying.

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