The Tables Have Turned

Chapter 12

“We should probably leave,” Josh said reluctantly, glancing at Emily. Paul and Alex came with him so they were all still here. I could tell that Josh didn’t want to leave but they had to leave eventually.

We didn’t really talk much after the whole answering questions thing and I was desperately trying to get Alex to talk to me or at least show me what he was thinking.

“I’m driving!” Paul said, jumping out of his seat and grabbing Josh’s keys from the table.

“No you’re not,” Josh said, scowling at him.

“You still have two minutes with your girlfriend Josh. Use them wisely,” Paul said, smirking.

Josh glared at him for another few seconds before focusing his attention back on his girlfriend.

“Will you walk me to the car, Hailey?” Paul asked and I rolled my eyes at him but stood up nonetheless.

It was dark outside since it was already 9:30p.m. The wind was chilly and I shivered slightly when I stepped outside.

“Wow,” I murmured when I looked up and saw the full moon. It was glowing in the dark sky and it seemed so close.

“Such a beautiful night,” Paul said, leaning on the car, staring at me.

“Yeah,” I answered.

“What is it, Paul?” I asked when I saw him staring at me with a look that clearly said ‘thinking deeply’.

“I was just wondering…” he started “Were you two close at your old school?”

I froze. Does he know? Did Alex tell him? I panic way too much. I forced myself to calm down before answering.

“What are you talking about?” I asked, playing the dumb card. I even added a confused frown.

He rolled his eyes at me, clearly not falling for my act. Yeah, I’m not a good liar.

“You know exactly who I’m talking about.”

“I had a long day, Paul. I’m tired so can we not talk about my life anymore,” I said, heaving a sigh.

“Just answer the question Hailey,” he said, crossing his arms over his chest. Why was he so determined? I don’t want to answer the question!

“Leave her alone, Paul,” Alex said and I jumped, surprised by his presence.

“Why don’t you answer the question then?” Paul asked Alex.

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