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Jasper Hale stood on the end of the treaty line, his furious stare aimed at none other than Paul Lahote. "What did you want to talk about?" He asked, his tone complete in rage. It wasn't Paul's fault Jasper hated him or his kind, they were natural born enemies. If he wasn't after his girlfriend and wasn't a wolf, then maybe -- just maybe they could've been friends.

"I want you to stay away from Ana, you're not good for her." He spat as he dug his hands into his shorts, Jasper scoffed and cracked his neck. "You're no better." Jasper hissed. Paul clenched his fists in anger, if he didn't control himself he would surely phase.

"She wouldn't have to change for me." He growled, that only making Jasper laugh. He ran his hands through his blonde hair ands spoke again. "What makes you think I'm going to change her?" 

Paul's jaw dropped in fury, his emotions were taken over by anger. His pulse started rising and he could feel the changing starting to happen. "So you're just going to get up and leave one day?! Leave her behind to wonder what she did wrong?! She doesn't deserve that!" 

"I would never leave her!" Jasper yelled, he locked his jaw and glared down the young wolf, though the brunette had other plans. "So you're just going to watch her age and then die?" The honey-blonde stood silently. He never wanted to change her, he wanted her to have a normal life. 

"I bet you have no idea. You're just going to lead her on - string her along because you don't have the guts to keep her forever." Paul spat, the two edged closer to the edge of the distance they were aloud. 

"You have no idea-"

The blonde's sentence was cut short as an arrow flew past his face. The arrow was bold filled in with the colour black though one thing stood out, the single word engraved into it. Strength

"Hunters." Jasper hissed as he slowly backed away from the scene, Paul copying every move. Paul growled before saying a single sentence. "This isn't over." That said he phased and dashed off into the woods behind him.

"Far, from over."


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