Vandy: Well I guess that concludes the shopping!

Kamini: Good! We picked the best outfit, Shravan it's s good thing you came with us!

Nirmala: Yes! Shravan's choice is the best!

Shravan: Of course it is! I picked Sumo after all. (Smirking)

Shravan goes and pays for all of the outfit. When the lady is packing the clothes, Sumo browses around. She notices a statue which has on a royal blue lehenga. It's light, delicate, and has silver mirror work on it. The border is a bright blue that reflects perfectly off of the royal blue material. She runs her hands through it and smiles.

Shravan: (noticing) You like it Sumo? I can get it if you want.

Sumo: No, no! We already did a lot of shopping! Anyways, are you done?

Shravan: Yeah, let's go!

Shravan, Sumo, Vandy, Kamini, and Nirmala leave the mall with loads of bags in their hands. Shravan drops Vandy, Kamini, and Nirmala at the Malhotra Mansion and then drives to the Tiwari Killa.

Suman is exhausted so the both of them decide to lounge in her room. Shravan sets all of the bags aside and jumps onto her bed where she was sitting.

Shravan: Have fun today??

Sumo: Yeah! But I'm tired!! (yawning) 

Shravan: I know. Me too!

Sumo: Shravan, can I ask you something??

Shravan: Anything.

Sumo: What happened between you and Ma? Why were you avoiding her?

Shravan: (with a fallen face) Nothing.

Sumo: You won't tell me? (Sadly pouting)

Shravan: Sumo, it's nothing major. I don't want to bother you with my problems.

Sumo sighs and then crawls over to where Shravan is sitting. She sits besides him and rests her head on his shoulder. Shravan puts his arm around her pulling her even closer and kisses the top of her head.

Sumo: You never bother me Shravan. You can tell me anything. I'll always be there to listen to whatever you have to say.

Shravan: (taking a deep breath) Ma went back.

Sumo: (confused) Back where?

Shravan: To meet Aditya. (Fisting his hands)

Sumo: But how do you know? She said she wouldn't go back there. And she said she wouldn't hide it from us at least.

Shravan: Remember that phone call I got in London? The police officer told me that there was some lady who was staring at Aditya while he was outside. And I know for a fact that it was Ma! In fact I even asked Pushkar and he told me Ma went out that day too.

Sumo: So Ma really did go me him. 

Shravan: Yeah! All she cares about is him anyways. It's not like she cares about my feelings or anything.

Sumo: It's ok Shravan. (holding his hand) 

Shravan: Ok?! How is it ok?! She always does this to me! Rejection! I'm sick and tired of it!

Sumo: Why do you care huh? I am with you, I am here for you. I won't leave nor reject you. I am here to listen to everything you have to say. Is that not enough? Is my love not enough? 

Shravan: (picking her up and hugging her) Yes, it's all I've ever wanted. But it hurts Sumo.

Sumo: Shravan if there is anything I have learned after losing my parents, it's that if people hurt you, ignore them and move on. Don't let one bitter person destroy the millions of good things around you. I love you and I will always love you till the day I die. 

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